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Management and Leadership Development - Case Study Example

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This paper "Management and Leadership Development" discusses strongly co-related nations and there is a strong bond between both these concepts but management is a much bigger concept than leadership and “Leadership” is just a part or a quality of a good manager. …
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Management and Leadership Development
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Extract of sample "Management and Leadership Development"

Download file to see previous pages In modern epoch this theory does not apply, this is due to the fact that the education standards have got tremendously advanced and now – a – days the students are not taught the basic concepts of life because they ‘should’ know them, but rather the education standards and the curriculum is created in such a manner so that it embraces every aspect of the students' psychology and make the student think and act according to the way that he/she is being taught, rather than to just make him read the books over and over again. That is, education in the present era will build the student's skills and let the students gain knowledge rather than to just have them read, give their papers, and forget all about it.

Thus it has been proved by many writers and authors that now – a – days managers can also be made and trained instead of just being born with a leadership quality or talent (Day 1998, p. 3). Although in this modern epoch of computers and finance, there are still some people that believe that “Managers are born, and cannot be made” (Lundquist 1995, P. 472)

Personally, in my opinion, I still believe that managers can also be made based on my discussion in the second paragraph about the advancement in the education techniques and those advantages of the new education techniques, which deal with understanding and moving along with the psychology of students.

Well… Speaking generally, management differs from teamwork in the sense that teamwork is a broader concept. Yes… teamwork is the ‘broader concept’ here and not management, this is due to the basic fact that the term teamwork has a much wider base than management, for example, two students preparing for a school assignment together may also be termed as teamwork but within this case, the word management may not be used as both the students are working together as a team and not in the leader-follower concept.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management and Leadership Development Case Study - 1.
(Management and Leadership Development Case Study - 1)
Management and Leadership Development Case Study - 1.
“Management and Leadership Development Case Study - 1”.
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