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Every company therefore needs a good leadership to excel and attain a competitive advantage in the industry. General Electric (GE) is a technological,…
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GE cases
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Download file to see previous pages Crotonville is basically a business oriented university for GE Company. It is at times referred to as the John F. Welch Leadership Development Center (Nikravan, 2011, p. 38). It has attained a wide recognition over the past years due to its commitment to excellence in management and leadership development of employees. Besides, it is also known for sharing the best leadership practices and values throughout the world. Crotonville therefore enables organizations to look positively towards the future thereby making them to gain a competitive advantage. This is attained through the exchange of knowledge with consumers, suppliers and associates. Comparatively, Crotonville has been seen to improve the present and future managers. For instance, it has introduced a cultural diversity framework hence spreading the main corporate inventiveness all over GE. This also enables the managers to interact and gain more experience.
The absolute mission of Crotonville is to “invent, detect and transfer organizational knowledge” (Fulmer & Goldsmith, 2000, p.60) in order to enhance the growth and competence of GE’s employees all over the world. From this, it can be ascertained that Crotonville has multiple duties and purposes to GE. First of all, it educates the employees. This is achieved through the provision of executive development programs which focuses on leadership, management, change, stigmatization and the company’s key initiatives among other aspects. Secondly, it is a tool or channel that GE uses to communicate and strengthen its values with the general stakeholders of the company. For instance, it offers programs and sessions with key customers that enable them not only to succeed, but to improve the customer relations as well. Examples of these programs could include customer briefings, change management, adaptation, and integration.
Equally important, Crotonville acts as a link to transmitting the best ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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GE Cases Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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