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Management of Microsoft Corporation - Case Study Example

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The study "Management of Microsoft Corporation" indicates the company's management should learn the condition of the revenue-producing process as the revenue plan unfolds to foresee any potential problems related to its particular industry. The implementation of an appropriate HR strategy is considered in this case as absolutely necessary…
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Extract of sample "Management of Microsoft Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages Not all elements of corporate strategy need to be reviewed in order for a particular company to improve its position in its market. However, the structure of the management should be considered as an issue of major importance for all firms in the international market. The ‘corporate hierarchy’ as it is structured in accordance with the relevant decision of the firm’s shareholders is a fundamental requirement for the success of a specific firm no matter in which industrial sector this firm operates. Microsoft Corporation is an indicative example of the interaction between the management structure and the corporate performance as it can be measured through the particular corporate activities.  It is for this reason that the above company has been chosen in order to prove the relationship between management and organizational performance and the role of this relationship to the increase of the firm’s profitability both in the short and the long term. The intervention of other – related – issues like supply chain management and human resources management will be also examined.

Company Overview
Microsoft Corporation is one of the leading firms in the area of computer technology worldwide. The company was founded in 1975 in the USA and is currently based in Washington (USA).  The annual performance of the company is really impressive reaching 44.3 billion in 2006 while its international presence is noticeable. More specifically, the company currently operates in approximately 102 countries around the world while its employees have been estimated to 71,172 for the year 2006 [2]. The success of the company can be identified in its managerial style which is based on the distribution of tasks and projects within the organization as well as the promotion of innovation in all operational activities. The growth of the particular firm has been continuous and significant, however, its starting point is considered to be the design and production of the MS-DOS operating system in the mid-1980s.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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