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Mathis and Jackson (2010) states that in the task of managing an organisation, the management team is usually tasked with the process of controlling organisational resources such as the human resources, finances, and technology, among others. However, depending on the size of…
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Microsoft’s Human Resource Department The Organising Function of the Department s April 5, The Human Resource Department at the Microsoft Corporation
Mathis and Jackson (2010) states that in the task of managing an organisation, the management team is usually tasked with the process of controlling organisational resources such as the human resources, finances, and technology, among others. However, depending on the size of the organization this task can be delegated to the management team within a department. For example, since Microsoft is a large multinational company it has a human resource department that manages the company’s workforce.
According to Mathis and Jackson (2010), the human resource department at the Microsoft Corporation is mandated with the task of managing and organising the corporation’s workforce or the employees. This task is sub-divided into various duties and responsibilities pertaining to the corporation’s workforce.
Stewart and Brown (2010) states that the human resource department usually plays a critical role in the organisation, which reflects on the bottom line of the organisation and it even contributes towards that achievement of the organisation strategic goals and missions. Mathis and Jackson (2010) further ads that the human resource management within an organisation can as well contribute to the competitive advantages of an organisation.
In regards to the organising function of Microsoft Corporation’s human resource department it can be stated that the department organizes the workforce of the corporation by first ensuring that at all times the corporation has the right staff at the right place in all of its branches across the world. In this regard Stewart and Brown (2010), states that the department organises the recruitment and selection of best-qualified candidates who will work for the corporation in various capacities and who have the potential to help the corporation in achieving is strategic goals and objectives.
Secondly, while organising the human resource of the corporation the department undertakes jobs analysis and descriptions in order to ensure that every member of the staff has a clear role in the corporation and that there is no collusion or replication of roles. Equally, during the job analysis, the department clearly outlines the requirements or qualifications that are required from employees in order to be able to perform certain duties and responsibilities as stipulated (Stewart and Brown, 2010)).
According to Mathis and Jackson (2010), the human resource department is also tasked with the mandate of organising how each member of the staff will be compensated and they normally organize this based on the qualification, duties and responsibilities of each member of staff.
The human resource department at Microsoft is also responsible for organising for the appropriate welfare of the staff. Additionally, the department is required to organize activities and programs that will motivate the workers so that they can be highly productive.
Stewart and Brown (2010) states that since Microsoft Corporation operates in a highly competitive industry the human resource department plays a critical function of organising for the training and development of the staff in order to ensure that the staffs’ skills are up-to-date and that they remain competitive and relevant to the business objectives of the corporation.
Mathis, R and Jackson, J. (2010). Human Resource Management (13th Edition). U.S: South- Western Cengage Learning
Stewart, G. and Brown, K. (2010). Human Resource Management. (2nd edition). New York: Wiley Publishers Read More
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(MGT WK3 GROUP ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
MGT WK3 GROUP ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“MGT WK3 GROUP ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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