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Group - Assignment Example

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711). In organizational settings, there are corporate values that are explicitly designed and communicated to various stakeholders to ensure that conduct and behavior are exhibited through espousing these beliefs which are…
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Group assignment
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The Role of Management in Influencing Work Environment Values al Affiliation The Role of Management in Influencing Work Environment Values
Values are beliefs that are given high regard and acknowledgement when making crucial decisions in life. Kernaghan (2003) defined values as “enduring beliefs that influence the choices
we make among available means or ends” (p. 711). In organizational settings, there are corporate values that are explicitly designed and communicated to various stakeholders to ensure that conduct and behavior are exhibited through espousing these beliefs which are acknowledged to assist in achieving organizational goals. Management, therefore, plays an imporant role in influencing work environment values through functional or instrumental modes (Kernaghan, 2003).
According to Paarlberg & Perry (2007), “functional values provide cues to acceptable workplace behavior and generally include such priorities as honesty, diversity, and hard work. In contrast, instrumental values are strategic values that “provide the rationale” for the activities of the organization and link the organization to the environment and its stakeholders” (p. 389). The role of management is to communicate these values explicitly through dissemination of policies and procedures that provide guidelines in their adherence. Likewise, through functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling, management should monitor the performance of employees according to well-defined standards that safeguard compliance to corporate values. The work environment, should therefore be designed to structure strategies that faciliate commitment to these values. This is made possible through structuring clearly explicit mission, vision, and values statements; as well as policies and procedures with a code of discipline. All of these structural guidelines would direct employees in exhibiting work ethics and behavior which would ensure that these values are ingrained and imbibed in the conduct of their responsibilities towards each other and in interactions with other stakeholders.
Kernaghan, K. (2003). Integrating values into public service: The values statement as centerpiece. Public Administration Review, Vol. 63, 711-719.
Paarlberg, L., & Perry, J. (2007). Values Management: Aligning Employee Values and Organizational Goals. The American Review of Public Administration, Vol. 35, No. 4, 387-408. Read More
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Group Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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