Work Values, Attitudes, Moods and Emotions - the case of Wells Fargo Company - Term Paper Example

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The human resources sector of organizations has a key role in the organizational growth, but its effectiveness is not standardized. The development of innovative HR policies is often used as a means for supporting the increase of organizational performance, either in the short or the long term…
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Work Values, Attitudes, Moods and Emotions - the case of Wells Fargo Company
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"Work Values, Attitudes, Moods and Emotions - the case of Wells Fargo Company"

Download file to see previous pages In this context, the emphasis on work values, attitudes, moods and emotions in all organizational department has become a common phenomenon. In Wells Fargo Company the use of work values, attitudes, moods and emotions as tools for increase the firm’s competitiveness has been proved an effective strategic choice. However, as the literature suggests, the development of HR plans needs to be carefully monitored. Failures in regard to one or more parts of these plans may set the firm’s position in its industry in risk. The principles on which organizational strategies are based are not common in organizations worldwide. However, it seems that certain organizational decisions are likely to be based on similar rules and criteria. Also, it has been proved that the success of organizational plans is depended on the ability of organizations to identify and evaluate appropriately employee needs. In this context, work values, moods and emotions are of critical importance for organizations in different industries. The role of work values, attitudes, moods and emotions in the development of organizational plans is highlighted in this paper. Reference is made to a specific company, the Wells Fargo Company, one of the most successful organizations in the greater Los Angeles area. The specific organization operates in the banking sector and is well known for its employee values. The specific organization is considered as one of the most successful for the American banking industry. The success of the organization has been highly related to one of its practices: work values, attitudes and emotions are highly taken into consideration when the key strategies of the organization are reviewed. Values, attitudes, moods and emotions are key elements of organizational strategies under the following term: the involvement of these elements in key strategic decisions is not standardized. This means that there are no specific rules imposing the use of the above elements in the development of an organization’s strategic policies. However, the use of these elements seems to increase the effectiveness of organizational plans, even in the long term. In order to understand the role of these elements in an organization’s strategies, it would be necessary to review their characteristics; then, the ways in which these elements can influence an organization’s strategic planning process would be made clear. The framework of values in the context of modern organizations is reflected in the following definition: ‘values are an enduring belief that a specific mode of conduct is personally or socially preferable to an opposite mode of conduct’ (Gilliland, Steiner and Skarlicki 4). On the other hand, Williams (1993) note that work values should be described as the belief that every organizational task needs to be accomplished on time in accordance with the guidelines given. Moreover, Allison and Kaye (2005) support the view that values as an elements of organizational culture reflects the priorities of organization’s in regard to critical social and environmental issues, such as the protection of the environment, the support to the community and so on. At the next level, Niven (2011) notes that organizational values are quite important for the stabilization of the organizational performance; for this reason, it is suggested that regular changes on organizational values are avoided (Niven 2011). Rather, emphasis should be given on the development of a core framework of organizational values on which the organization’s aims and objectives would be based. Regarding the potential use of attitudes as elements of organ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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