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The Workplace Environment And The Employer-Employee Relations - Case Study Example

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To enhance business performance, more and informal communication helps to overcome resistance. The paper "The Workplace Environment And The Employer-Employee Relations" discusses the important role of corporate communication in the conditions of socio-economic changes taking place at the workplace…
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The Workplace Environment And The Employer-Employee Relations
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Download file to see previous pages Culture, according to Hofstede, is the “the collective program of the mind that distinguishes the members of groups or categories of people” (cited by Silveira & Crubelatte, 2007). National cultures have been characterized into five dimensions - power distance, collectivism v. individualism, femininity v. masculinity, aversion to uncertainty, and a short or long term orientation. Brazil has a culture with the tendency to establish relationships of dependency in relation to power bases. This implies that there is the high-power distance in the society with predominant attitudes of uncertainty avoidance. They avoid taking risks and have a long-term orientation. Brazil is a collectivist society and also has characteristics that are typical of femininity. These cultural dimensions have strong implications for local managers as well as managers from multinational when dealing with the people and the businesses of Brazil.
The Brazilian style of managing is unique and original. It is made up of four subsystems – institutional (formal), personal (informal), leaders and the led (Silveira & Crubelatte, 2007). These sub-systems overpay and then the common cultural traits emerge. There is a concentration of power at the overlap between the leader and the institutional sub-system. The people like to avoid conflicts. The critical points of Brazilian culture include formalism, flexibility, paternalism, and loyalty to people. The public organizations in Brazil have their own typical culture which may be difficult to change. These traits include bureaucracy, authoritarianism, paternalism, aversion to entrepreneurs, “taking advantage” and reformism. These become an obstacle to change; they are obstacle to learning and obstacle to competition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Workplace Environment And The Employer-Employee Relations Case Study.
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