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Company Research - Essay Example

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Where and how it distributes its resources is extremely important. Therefore a look at Microsoft—one of the world’s largest and most successful corporations—can reveal a lot of useful…
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Company Research
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Download file to see previous pages These programs work fairly well. An important aspect and thread that runs through all of them, however, is management culture. How successful a human resources department is is often a reflection of the management culture towards employees. In this overview all of these things will be discussed.
Microsoft uses a number of different methods to hire employees from both outside and inside the company. Advertisements are placed on websites and local media and some are displayed through a company intranet. One of the best things about their policy is that they try to hire from within the company. That means that employees are familiar with the operations and the culture. However, generally speaking, if a company becomes too reliant on this method of hiring they will find that they rarely have new blood or ideas. It is important not to over-prioritize internal hiring as it can lead to redundant thinking and tiredness.
Microsoft’s training program is substantial. One of the best things about it is the 60-day buddy period which allows new employees to be supervised and gently acculturated to the company. However, 60 days is a long time to have a buddy and surely that “buddy’s” productivity will be reduced if he spends all his time with the new employee. If too many employees are hired at once, too many buddies will be spending all their time training. It’s important to keep this in mind.
A thread that runs through all these aspects of Microsoft’s human resource management is a culture of respect for the employees. Management is a complex art. It involves a lot of angles relating to competition, performance and commitment. It also has a lot to do with competition. Microsoft is hardly the only software company in town and they must constantly be monitoring their competition to see how they are performing. Their prices and services change depending on the successes and failures of the competition. Training and recruitment practices change depending on how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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