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Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project - Business Plan Example

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This paper "Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project" discusses a project as a work of combined skills conducted with the aim of implementing more innovative ideas to the community, and to those who are involved in that. A project is done either by a group or by an individual…
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Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project"

Download file to see previous pages Theorists also have given their opinion regarding the nature of planning a successful project. The combined study of all the works of others and analysis of the previous projects would give a better vision regarding what is a successful project plan. As an executive summary has to say the following, regarding the factors or key factors that lead to a successful project.

The success begins from the point of how we select the scope of the project or to be more precise on how we clearly understand the scope of the project. And organizing the project plays a prominent role in its success. Concentrating on the impact will also work possible for the success of the project. The Executive Summary says that the project should be focused on “where the idea came from? How it was developed, planned and implemented” etc.

The Executive summary defines the project as “A successful project will be defined differently by each set of stakeholders, and many ranges from specific outputs achieved and value for money to attitudinal change and perceived contribution
community life” The success of the project could be intended to have many impacts on the community like what the Executive Summary says “benefits to users”, “impact on the wider community”, “process and group development”, “changing the attitudes of individuals [who are found out to be disabled and make them integrated with the non-disabled people]”. The financial benefits are also considered behind the success of a project.

There are differences in project types, a project might be carried on either by an individual or by a group of people. A project may vary accordingly as a small or large project. Gerard .M. Blair [2006], says that “The success of a project will depend critically upon the effort, care and skill you apply in its initial planning”.
“Every project should have a plan…producing a quality plan is not complex. It involves identifying all the deliverables at the start of the project and deciding how to best validate their quality” [ Project Quality Planning 2005. online] ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project Business Plan - 3, n.d.)
Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project Business Plan - 3.
(Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project Business Plan - 3)
Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project Business Plan - 3.
“Analysis of the Key Factors Leading to a Successful Project Business Plan - 3”.
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