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Project Management: Best Practices for It Professionals - Essay Example

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Project Management (Author’s Name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract In order to increase, diversify, and change production, most businesses carry out projects as means of achieving all or some of these goals. Most of these projects are complex in nature and end up requiring lot of resources to be completed…
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Project Management: Best Practices for It Professionals
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally numbers of project elements are also discussed including projects teams, differences between project leaders and projects managers, and the general determinants of project success. What is a Project? The word ‘Project’ is used to refer to various things around the world. The word is used to describe endeavors such as construction of an office building or a bridge. The word has also been used in description of man’s race to the space or the moon. Furthermore, it has been used to refer to the service call for the homestead repairs and other constructions (Lambert, Mariam & Susan 2011). However, the word ‘Project’ has a more real meaning; according to The Project management Institutes, a project is defined as, “"a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result". This definition highlights a couple of elements that distinguish a project form other common business endeavors. It is clear that a project is both a temporary and a unique endeavor. Firstly, a project just like business activities entails production of a service, product, or a certain result. However, this is different from the business activities that are on going in nature (Lambert, Mariam & Susan 2011). ...
On the other hand, a project is destined in production of a unique product (Lambert, Mariam & Susan 2011). This means that whatever is created at any one time is different in some ways from those produced previously. This tends to give projects the uniqueness feature. The standard definition is crucial in that it helps in separation of projects from the ongoing operations. However, it is also essential to understand the line between these operations and projects that necessitates the discussion of the types of projects (Catherine et al 2011). Strategic projects are the one type that are mostly defined by their reason. The company uses such projects in the attempt to change operations from one state to another. Apparently, they are used as steps in global intent. For instance in case a company wants needs to prepare for new markets to sell their products. To effectively achieve this they may need to implement totally new software, new manufacturing facilities, and new distribution channels. To effectively carry out these operations, these might be separated as independent projects. Simply, such projects cuts across the silos many businesses build up in day-to-day operations (Catherine et al 2011). Secondly, operational projects are another set and types of important projects. Their sole purpose is to support ongoing operations in any particular organization. Typically, they focus on repairing, extending, or otherwise upgrading the life of business assets. The operationalized or repeating projects are the third type of projects. They are in fact subset of the above-mentioned operational project they tend to be a set of quite small projects that are managed in a group. They also follow a standardized process. The only reason they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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