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What Is Leadership and Does It Apply to Project Management - Research Paper Example

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The paper "What Is Leadership and Does It Apply to Project Management" highlights that the project manager is required to share the problems with each individual of his/her team and make decisions according to the various information and ideas of the team members (Chandler Arizona, n.d.)…
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What Is Leadership and Does It Apply to Project Management
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Extract of sample "What Is Leadership and Does It Apply to Project Management"

Download file to see previous pages The background of this study involves major phases in the project management and the role of the leader in each stage along with various risk factors which are likely to be faced by the leader in different stages of the project management. Moreover, the background of this discussion has also included major concerns and possible consequences that are faced by modern organisations in order to successfully accomplish the major objectives of project management.

The discussion of this report significantly focused on leadership relevance and its significance in the project management approach. The report has also enclosed key concepts and skills that a leader must need to possess in order to successfully achieve the desired goals and objectives from a project. Furthermore, the report will be beneficial for the organisations in order to deal with various risk factors that a project might face in the present day context and the way efficient leadership can deal with those factors.
The research method followed in the report is a secondary approach. A few pertinent pieces of literature and scholarly articles have been studied and reviewed in order to comprehend the study topic related concepts.

It is observed that the dimension of leadership prominently applies in the context of project management. Leadership enables to guide of a project on the right path ensuring appropriate and timely completion of the project requirements.

Project management can be considered as one of the major management paradigms, which enables business organisations to effectively and efficiently achieve their business goals within the constantly changing phase of the business environment. Project management can be differentiated with the various standards of the business operations with respect to focus on uniqueness, timescales, financial projection, resources, risks, and uncertainties as well as the major activities regarding skills, tools, and processes of project management. Effective project management facilitates the organisations to execute various business competencies to effectively handle differing uncertainties, risks along with the pressure of its competitors within the existing market (Laureate Online Education, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What Is Leadership and Does It Apply to Project Management Research Paper)
What Is Leadership and Does It Apply to Project Management Research Paper.
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