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Career Objectives With the Current Supervisor for Achieving Support - Statistics Project Example

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The main objective of this certain project was to have a common shared data on the local area network of the bank to limit the borrowing and physical transferring of files in hard copies between departments. My role is to ensure that all necessary data for the units are updated correctly…
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Career Objectives With the Current Supervisor for Achieving Support
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Download file to see previous pages The basic source used to develop the needed skills came from previous knowledge and experience which was supplemented by reading online articles related to the needed skill and attending in-house training/seminars that were sponsored by the company and available for employees. The skills were attained within three months after I began to read online articles and strove to do the suggestions written therein. This action was in addition to what I know and learned about said skills. While the in-house seminars did not come by often, I attended the ones that did. And all these contributed greatly to having accomplished the target level I have set for the skills I needed. There are certificates from the seminars which I attended and my work, including my attitude towards it and the people I work with, have improved greatly. I am now able to view new things associated with the job with more enthusiasm than usual which makes working with others easier. This also enhanced my ability to perform other job roles aside from doing my usual one, and I make sure that I plan and organize my work including my private activities in advance to avoid unexpected issues that may hinder me from doing what I have originally planned and promised to do. Personal development is about evaluating and improving one’s way of life (Personal Development Plan 2007: 1-6). In reality, there is no wrong or right way on how to go about it (Personal Development Plan 2007: 1-6), because improving oneself and becoming a better person with new skills is an everyday endeavour that people must seek after. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Career Objectives With the Current Supervisor for Achieving Support Statistics Project.
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