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Analysis of Millennials in the Workplace by Myers - Article Example

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From the paper "Analysis of Millennials in the Workplace by Myers" it is clear that Millennials expect that they are provided with timely, continuous as well as constructive feedback which their managers and older coworkers might believe is unnecessary and time-consuming…
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Analysis of Millennials in the Workplace by Myers
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Millennials in the Workplace by Myers"

The article “Millennials in the Workplace: A Communication Perspective on Millennials Organizational Relationships and Performance” was authored by Myers et al. during the period of 2010 and was published in the Journal of Business and Psychology (Myers, 2010). The purpose of this article was to focus on the positive traits and characteristics of Millennials and how these characteristics benefit the organization. The researchers even focus on how these characteristics impact other employees within the organization. 
I agree with both the points made by the authors of the research article. I agree with the first point because any individual, whether young or old would be more motivated to work in those positions and on those tasks that are considered as significant by the organization and others. If they do not perceive that their work is of significance to others, they may feel that they are being used for work that is not necessary for the success of the organization and may end up being dissatisfied with that work. I agree that Millennials require timely, continuous and constructive feedback because they have recently graduated or joined the workforce and they require feedback in order to ensure that they are performing well on their tasks. Feedback and task significance are two important elements of job design that cause satisfaction among employees (Parikh, 2010). Read More
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(Analysis of Millennials in the Workplace by Myers Article)
Analysis of Millennials in the Workplace by Myers Article.
“Analysis of Millennials in the Workplace by Myers Article”, n.d.
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