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In tandem with this, Kowske, Rasch and Wiley (2010) claim that the youngest Millenials have not reached not only early adulthood, but also working age. In tandem with Kowske, Rasch and Wiley definition…
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Challenges of Incorporate Gen Y into the Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages Despite this, it is evident that the same generation counterbalances these negative traits by working well with specific managers aiming at meeting the corporate visions and values in addition to portraying their hard work to their employer in exchange for not only immediate reward, but also recognition (Alexander & Sysko, 2013). Alexander and Sysko claim that Millenials regard technology as their “sixth sense”. Thus, it is evident that this generation must incorporate technology into every aspect of their life. It is their extensive use of the technology that distinguishes them from other generations (Alexander & Sysko, 2013).
Alexander and Sysko (2013) claim that the incorporation of the Millenial employees with other generations is often associated with confrontation from the Millenial employees. The Millenial employees often have ambiguous attitudes as well as conflicting behaviors (Alexander & Sysko, 2013). Millenials also carry their unique attitude and behavior to institutions. In tandem with this assertion, Alexander and Sysko (2013) argue that many Millenials portray not only a lack of drive and motivation, but also accountability in academia. They claim that the majority of the Millenials have the mindset of just showing up. Additionally, Alexander and Sysko (2013) claim that Millenials have an alarming attitude; being there to be entertained. The most disturbing element of the Millenials, however, is their lack of concern for the accuracy as well as the validity of the sources they use in carrying out their research. In other words, Millenials often portray unoriginality in everything they do (Alexander & Sysko, 2013). It is as a result of these qualities that it becomes very hard to mix Generation Y with other generations in a working environment.
The attitude and behavior portrayed by the Millenials is as a result of their mindset. According to Alexander and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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