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Millennial Generation - Assignment Example

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In the essay “Millennial Generation” the author focuses on the most studied generation with its confidence, self-expressive ways, liberality and abrasiveness being taken into account. This is a generation that began in the turn of the millennium in 1999 and is still ongoing…
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Millennial Generation
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Extract of sample "Millennial Generation"

Millennial Generation
The millennial generation is perhaps the most studied generation with its confidence, self-expressive ways, liberality and abrasiveness being taken into account. This is a generation that began in the turn of the millennium in 1999 and is still ongoing. The generation is racially diverse compared to the older generations (Chip, Ukleja and Rusch 145). Just like any other generation, members of the millennial generation display generalized and unique traits influenced by the prevailing political and social factors. Culture also leaves a lasting impact on this generation. As such, the changes associated with this group cannot be easily understood at times. The imprints of the generation are moved in the lifecycle of the people, with the most significant impression being seen among the youth.
The millennials are considered to be vulnerable to interference. This is claimed to be as a result of multitasking. Despite science claiming that multitasking is a myth, it is quite evident that this generation shows extraordinary multi-tasking abilities. This is seen in places of work and at home. Millennials have grown exposed to a variety of technological advancements and this has motivated them to carry out several duties and activities at the same time. They are always putting their brains with the extensive multitasking training. Evidence has shown that long time engagement in simultaneous playing of video games, doing assignments and watching television has reduced the ability of the brain to perform thus, making them more vulnerable. It is however worth noting that the multi-tasking has allowed then to increase their brain processing speed making the able to quickly learn and adapt to new environments.
Video gaming
There is a popular belief that millennials are more caring and more community oriented. This is shown by their ability to show concern to their colleagues at home and in their places of work. According to Chip, Ukleja and Rusch the caring aspect of this generation comes from the environment that such people grow up in. Their childhood is affected by family and social influences that ensure that they develop to become people interested in extrinsic life goals (102). Several products like reality Television, iWorld and NCLB exposes the generation to the external world and motivates them to engage others socially and culturally. In the long run, it makes them engaged to external life aspects and promote a caring attitude or trait among them.
Caring generation
The millennials are also more open minded as compared to other generations. This trait is basically attributed to the globalization that has taken over almost all the aspects of the world, from political to social and to economic life. The current world is so much connected to an extent that geographical distance is no longer a major hindrance to integration among people of diverse cultures and nationalities. Globalization and the open mindedness of the millennials is also attributed to the advancement in technology (Chip, Ukleja and Rusch 56). Internet and cloud technology, for example, allows them to interact with other members of their generations. Additionally, cultural traits and social values are shared over technological platforms thus making it possible for them to appreciate the values and traits of others.
Just like the other generations, the millennials have been influenced by the prevailing social, cultural, political and economic factors. This has directly and indirectly impacted on their traits, values, ways of life and priorities. Technology has perhaps played the biggest role in shaping their traits as it has affected almost all aspects of their lives.
Works Cited
Chip, Espinoza, Ukleja, Mick and Rusch, Craig. Managing the Millennials: Discover the Core Competencies for Managing Today's Workforce. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2010. Print. Read More
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Millennial Generation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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