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Their present age is 6 to 25 years old. Millennial Generations are treated as important and special. This generation of people are most wanted. Their milestone was characterized with praise and…
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Characteristics of Millennial Generation
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Characteristics of Millennial Generation. Millennial generation comprises of those people born between 1981 and 2000. Their present age is 6 to 25 years old. Millennial Generations are treated as important and special. This generation of people are most wanted. Their milestone was characterized with praise and celebrations. The society has instilled in them how vital and important they are to their parents and nation. It is believed that they solve problems of the world that earlier generations have not solved. This generation craves for attention and privacy (Haugen 76). This generation is highly protected by the society as children. These children grew up in a period of increasing safety measures such as school lockdowns, car seats, and signs of body on board. These children are rarely left unattended to and are sheltered from taking care of their conflicts. Their parents advocate for them and spare them from experiences regarded unpleasant. American history movement on youth safety has focused on the millennial generation.
Millennial are goal-oriented, confident and motivated in the future and in themselves. Millennial expect education institutions to push them to greatness. This group brags about their potential and power (Haugen 34). They are optimistic and feel connected to their guardian. They sacrifice their identities to be inside the team. Millennial prefers leadership of egalitarian but not hierarchies. This generation has formed a generation that is tight-knight. Millennial dislike standing out among their age mate, they prefer being part of the group. They are against selfishness and are directed towards volunteerism and learning. Grade point of this generation has risen and crime is falling. This group is oriented to hard work, getting good grades and involvement in co-curricular activities. They portray education as the key to a higher paying job and success (Haugen 44). Millennial always focus on their career since their grade school. They also focus more on the achievement of the world than their personal development. Millennial generation are pressured; filled with activities that are structures. Additionally, they have problems of time management despite having more time for homework. Consequently, the millennial have pressure to make it in life. They have been pushed to succeed, avoid risks, and maximize on opportunities. Millennial are respectful and conventional; do not question authority. They believe on the nation to handle their issues and fear being seen as non-conformist. Their music, cultural marking, and clothing are mainstreaming. They value opinion of their parents very highly. Their believe and support social rules and are in lined with values of their parents (Haugen 65).
Haugen, David M.. The millennial generation. Detroit: Green haven Press, 2013. Print. Read More
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