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Business report-progress report - Essay Example

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The millennials are basically…
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Business report-progress report
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"Business report-progress report"

Download file to see previous pages However, they also come from a generation when parents tended to spend more time with their children. The millenials are also quite different because they grew up during the technology boom. Thus, they tend to have much stronger technological skills than others of previous generations. Charicteristically, they are known to be skeptical and impatient, being both image-driven and expressive. The findings discovered here are consistent with the findings done in primary research, so therefore, the analysis of their characteristics is important to take into consideration.
Millennials respond to techniques that allow them to both express themselves and prove themselves. They tend to work faster and multi-task better than those of previous generations. They are also very good at adapting. Therefore, it is important to approach them and allow them to work in situations that allow them to both multitask and to be expressive.
Millennials are interested in technological savvy jobs that provide them with upward mobility as well as benefits. Overall, they seem to prefer technological challenging jobs and are interested in career paths that allow them to use their multi tasking abilities.
Focus on image is very important when recruiting generation Y. Generation Y is attracted to image, so therefore it is important to use a technological approach that will catch their attention. A general focus on technology with a strong image base will gain their interest; i.e., one can advertise successfully on the Internet with a very catchy visual ad.
Effective retention targeting for generation Y includes motivational skills. It is important to motivate these individuals, as sometimes they require a little more “push” than previous generations, but once given that motivation, they have the skills necessary to be very innovative and productive.
In order to promote cross-generational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Report-Progress Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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