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Motivational case - Assignment Example

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One of the model’s assumptions is that all employees are motivated when they enter a new work environments and that lack of motivation is a…
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Motivational case assignment
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Extract of sample "Motivational case"

(Program) 4 November Motivational case assignment Applicability of the Four Factors Model to Joe’s Situation The four-factor model of motivation applies to Joe’s situation as the model’s assumptions and its elements identify with the case. One of the model’s assumptions is that all employees are motivated when they enter a new work environments and that lack of motivation is a response to their work environment. This is true in Joe’s case because he, until recently, performed well but now appears to lack motivation into performance. The model also assumes the management reserves the role to support problem solution in the work environment, a failure that is identified as Joe complain to a workmate but the management fails to act, possibly worsening Joe’s lack of motivation. Another assumption is that people should be treated fairly and this identifies with Joe’s case to suggest that unfair treatment, based on his lack of college degree, explains his loss of motivation. Elements of the model also identify with the case and management’s failure to mitigate Joe’s challenges, such as academic based discrimination, explains his lack of motivation. In addition, the level of discrimination that Joe perceives suggests to him that his promotion opportunities in the organization are limited, and this establishes a barrier between outcomes and satisfaction elements for Joe (Whetten & Cameron 332, 333).
Cause of Joe’s Performance Problems, Based on the Performance Diagnosis Model
Limited availability of rewards to Joe, despite his high performance, is the cause of the problem, and Joe’s expression that identifies focus on his poor academic qualifications explains this. He explains that he is not regarded because of his low qualifications and that he is the lowest paid worker because of the low qualification. This however occurs while he performs as his graduate workmates do and he contributes valuable ideas to the organization even with existence of the graduates. He therefore lacks motivation because of biased reward and recognition system (Whetten & Cameron 362).
Possible Application of the Nine Steps and Three Strategies to Reshape Joe’s Behavior
Elements of reprimand, redirection, and reinforcement can be used to reshape Joe’s behavior. The management should identify the discrimination that Joe suffers, inform other employees of this, and warn against further discrimination. Pointing out effects of the discrimination, such as Joe’s refrain from offering valuable ideas and his declining performance, on organizational objectives will also shape Joe’s behavior by eliminating the cause of low motivation. Similarly, establishing guidelines for non-discriminative actions towards Joe, ensuring that employees are willing to comply, and praising Joe for all his success will redirect the other from mistreating Joe and redirect Joe towards motivation. Honest and prompt reward for successful inputs is also likely to satisfy him and make him feel established among other employees. Rewards such as wage increment, scholarship for university education, and study leaf, as well as recognition through assigning him special responsibilities could help him. These identify a mixture of extrinsic (wage increment, scholarship and study leaf) and intrinsic (recognition) motivational factors. Changing employee’s poor perception of Joe’s academic qualification and empowering Joe to attain a better qualification could therefore redesign Joe’s work and motivate him (Whetten & Cameron 341).
Factors beyond Joe’s Attitude and Performance that needs to be addressed
Joe’s economic status is the main factor beyond his attitude and performance that should be addressed. He believes he should be responsible for his family’s financial needs and the fact that his wife has to work stresses him. While this may be necessary, especially if he has to further his education, he, together with his wife, needs to be counseled and made to understand that the temporary strain, especially when Joe attends college, is good for their family’s future economic stability and for Joe’s work environment (Whetten & Cameron 364).
Works cited
Whetten, David & Cameron, Kim. Developing management skills. New York, NY: Prentice Hall, 2011. Print. Read More
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Motivational Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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