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Employee Motivation in the Management Field of Google Inc - Case Study Example

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The paper "Employee Motivation in the Management Field of Google Inc" describes that Francesco reckoned that the process of internationalization of an organization makes the task of coming up with management and motivation systems that fit the standards and preferences of employees in the different cultures worldwide become more challenging…
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Employee Motivation in the Management Field of Google Inc
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Extract of sample "Employee Motivation in the Management Field of Google Inc"

Download file to see previous pages Mansar and Reijers (2007) reckon that management in an organization should ensure effective communication, employee motivation, and alignment of employee activities to the achievement of the organization’s objectives. This can be construed to mean that management is not the handling of machines/automated program, but handling humans through communication, and an assenting enterprise endeavor.
This paper seeks to elucidate on an issue of employee motivation in the management field. This will be achieved by conducting a case study on one of the largest corporation in the world (Google) while linking management theories to management practices in that corporation.
Google is an American conglomerate, which specializes in providing internet-based services such as search engine service, cloud computing, manufacture and sale of software, as well as online marketing services. Most of Google’s profits come from Ad-Words. Its hasty growth since incorporation has elicited production of a series of merchandises, multiple acquisitions, and mergers. As a result, Google is one of the corporations with the largest employee base in the world of around 37,000 in 40 countries.
Contemporary conglomerates are relentlessly coming up with new management techniques to acquire top talent, keep hold of that top talent, and come up with imaginative ways to keep them motivated so as to achieve paramount productivity in their respective industries. This essay investigates how Google Inc uses management techniques to motivate its employees to become top-producing individuals who can formulate preeminent ideas and products. The essay will explore how Google Inc has structured its management so as to endow its employees with the best environment and how it motivates them with intrinsic and extrinsic techniques.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employee Motivation in the Management Field of Google Inc Case Study.
“Employee Motivation in the Management Field of Google Inc Case Study”, n.d.
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