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Cyber search - Assignment Example

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Students use the application to keep track of their notes from the school data base. Ever notes are used in taking notes, capturing of photos and creation of…
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Cyber search
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Extract of sample "Cyber search"

Cyber Search Cyber Search Apple Inc developed the ever an application built for all hand held devices like ipad, iPod and personal computers. Students use the application to keep track of their notes from the school data base. Ever notes are used in taking notes, capturing of photos and creation of to do list. The application was developed by Apple and it is a free ware and should be downloaded via ITunes. Students have the capabilities to access the school data base and download the notes saving them on their devices for further use.
Students can benefit from this application because the teacher monitors the progress of the class work through the application. Assignments are also forwarded through a portal which is inbuilt inside the application. The teacher can then modify their instructions to meet the student’s individual can also organize important documents and customize it to fit in all classrooms needs. This application makes students better educators because it is perfect for busy teachers, it will allow me to track students’ achievements quickly and easily.
Teachers use a different mode of teaching when dealing with special education students. This is to make sure that the students are deprived the right to education. In case of deaf students, the teachers may use gesture to deliver the massage and educate the students. Teachers use braille and assist students in the learning activities
Special students share some similarities, in a class one may find all of the students suffer from one disability; therefore it becomes hard for them to assist each other. On the other hand, you might find a class with extremely quick learners while still in the same class there are slow learners when it comes to the mastering of gestures and the braille language making it difficult for some students to communicate.
. There are similarities between general and special students. Both groups of students need to work together and how to avoid discrimination among themselves (Foreman, 2009). The special students sometimes have adverse emotions having a mentality that they are discriminated by the entire society. They have different interests in life which they would like to accomplish.
When addressing the needs of cultural diverse and the second language learners we have to consider about their back ground, this is to make sure there is a smooth transition as there are in a process of learning the new culture and language. Various procedures can be used to increase awareness in students by having motivational talks, it motivates the students. The motivation also assists in self-management, self-control and self-esteem.
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Cyber Search Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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