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Cyber-Bullying and Cyber-Bating - Specific Issues of Generation Z - Assignment Example

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This paper "Cyber-Bullying and Cyber-Bating - Specific Issues of Generation Z" focuses on the cyber-bullying which was disregarded as having little to no impact with regards the overall emotional health or development of the individual who suffered from it. …
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Cyber-Bullying and Cyber-Bating - Specific Issues of Generation Z
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Download file to see previous pages As a function of understanding all of these determinants, the following analysis will engage in something of a cause and effect analysis of bullying. It is the aim of this section that through such analysis the reader can gain a more informed and rational understanding of how cyber-bullying impacts upon the development and prospects of the individual who suffers from it. Likewise, the second portion of this analysis will focus on a new trend that has come to be known as “cyber-bating”; a technique that is used to prompt a teacher or authority figure past the threshold of anger and then record this demonstration of frustration as a means of degrading or humiliating them. All of this has come to be a core concern; especially with respect to Generation Z – commonly referred to as the cohort of individuals born after the Millennium.
Firstly, the causes of cyber-bullying are various. Much of the existing scholarship points to the fact that existing social issues, dynamics, and the willingness to have a level of power over another individual oftentimes prompts a would be full to engage in the process from the very beginning. However, it is also understood that unhealthy family relationships or issues that are unaddressed/traumatic oftentimes contribute to encouraging bullying behaviour as a means of passing the pain and hardship on to another individual.
Sadly, as a result of this flawed and inappropriate view of the world, bullies have a lasting impact with respect to the way in which individuals live their lives. For instance, pervasive bullying has been effectively linked to low levels of self-esteem or self-confidence. Further, this is something of a slippery slope due to the fact that individuals experience a particularly low level of self-confidence are oftentimes picked on even more and bullied by other individuals; due to their nonconformity.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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