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IS cyber bullying an increasing problem for young people in Australia - Essay Example

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Although, a relatively new phenomenon, this form of bullying has attracted a considerable degree of attention due to high profile cases, some of which have resulted to deaths of…
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IS cyber bullying an increasing problem for young people in Australia
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Download file to see previous pages Ken Rigby explained that this so-called cyber-bullying may be considered as an extension of traditional covert forms of bullying and that this time this is achieved through the use of computers, the Internet and other electronic technology. (p. 112) It is important to underscore that even with the technological context, bullying is still the same: it occurs when a child is subjected to a steady stream of offensive and threatening acts and messages causing stress and fear and without any power to stop it. The physical separation of the bully from his victim is no longer significant particularly in terms of the frequency, scope and depth of harm being given by bullies and experienced by the victims.
In a study conducted by Campbell in 2005, it was revealed that approximately 14 per cent of Australian children have been bullied, receiving distressing messages through emails, mobile phones, websites, internet forums and chat rooms. This figures are significant especially amidst the current trends characterized by the increasing rate of cyber bullying and the dangerous effects of this form of aggression as experienced by children across the globe. That is why as in other parts of the world, cyber bullying has become an issue of primary importance in Australia, particularly requiring immediate action from authorities.
Mobile phones suddenly became an indispensable accessory for children students as the gadget start to offer multimedia features besides the basic calling functionality. Text messaging also contributed to its appeal among the young. This is the reason why it proved to be a tool in perpetuating bullying as bullies send text messages and mobile phone photos and videos that can be uploaded to the internet for public consumption either to offend, humiliate and hurt other children. According to Eli Cohen, when used for bullying this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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