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AMEX's Performance - Strategy of the Company That Safely Transports Customers Assets - Research Paper Example

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The paper “AMEX's Performance - Strategy of the Company That Safely Transports Customers Assets” presents company’s marketing strategy, SWOT and situation analysis, organizational objectives, description of the marketing mix, segmentation, positioning, and targeting strategy, etc…
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AMEXs Performance - Strategy of the Company That Safely Transports Customers Assets
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Extract of sample "AMEX's Performance - Strategy of the Company That Safely Transports Customers Assets"

Download file to see previous pages Amex segments and targets the customers that are affluent and is currently using the internet as the main channel for customer relationship, payments, and entertaining applications.  They use catchy slogans to attract niche clients. They sell a relationship and not just a card.
As the company carries a premium brand positioning, the company wants to cater to the niche, discerning customers after understanding their needs. Having narrowed down their interests, they now focus on payments and travel businesses. They would like to offer innovative, value-added products that would attract the customers and be suitable for the current economy.  They do not compromise on credit standards just to gain new card holders.
Amex offers several products under the heads of charge and credit cards and has partnered with different airlines and hotels. In addition, they have two products for corporate clients and several products and services for small businesses. They also have prepaid, stored value-products such as travelers' cheques and gift cards. As far as a promotional element is concerned they decreased spending on direct mail and television advertising while increasing on event/experiential marketing and internet. Amex is registered with millions of merchants all over the United States.  They place applications in restaurants and other retail establishments apart from receiving plenty of membership requests through the internet. The Internet has become the most economical and advantageous channel for Amex. They do not charge an annual fee on their cards, allow easy payment schedules and reward points on charge cards. Incentives are offered on their other products to Corporates and small businesses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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