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Main Aspects of Inland Freight Transport - Coursework Example

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This coursework describes the main aspects of inland freight transport. This paper outlines opportunities, problems, contact with the customer, packaging, distribution patter, overall ost benefits, and support services. …
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Main Aspects of Inland Freight Transport
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Extract of sample "Main Aspects of Inland Freight Transport"

Download file to see previous pages The ground investment developed by Colonel George and his descendant Mari, included 5 Tenant farms, 11 orchards manufacturing pears and apples in almost equal amounts. The ranches were between 40 and 70 hectares giving a total land investment of 241 hectares.
The family management decided to put up the public house and café up for sale to finance the development of the farms and orchards. The land investments would turn out to be completely organic and the first organic crops due to an increase of documentation are targeted for the summer of 2010.
The company has hence decided to change their production strategies in the company. HGKL now wants to expand its services from the local market and reach the national wholesalers. The management has contacts with large and small businesses nationally. The corporation has to engage itself in the use of the fleets of vehicles to transport the products to various locations countrywide. This proposal discusses how the company would make contacts with the new customers and the mode of the display that will be used to pack the commodities to be delivered to the appropriate clients nationwide. The proposal is also targeted to establish the way, in which the new mode of transacting the business will allow the corporation to save some of the earnings compared to the previous strategies that were initially employed. It will also develop the pattern, which will be used to distribute the products to various customers who are situated nationwide. Lastly, the proposal is targeted to pinpoint the support that the company will need to facilitate the program effectively.
To expand the services and to reach the national wholesalers, the company has to develop a fleet of vehicles, which will enable them to reach the goods to its clients at the appropriate time. Since these are perishable goods, timely delivery is essential to keep the wastage to the minimum.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Main Aspects of Inland Freight Transport Coursework.
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