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The Characteristics of Main Modes of Transport in India and Australia - Assignment Example

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This paper attempts to highlight the characteristics of main modes of transport in India and Australia and investigates to the reason behind the difference in transport modes. Several aspects have considered for the comparison between these countries such as local transport system, public transport…
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The Characteristics of Main Modes of Transport in India and Australia
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Extract of sample "The Characteristics of Main Modes of Transport in India and Australia"

Download file to see previous pages The transport modes help a nation to attain its people and freight to achieve utmost mobility. Nowadays, most transport systems are capable to handle both freight and passenger traffic. Here, the attempt is to compare the main transport modes of India, a developing country in Asia; and Australia, a developed country and a diverse continent by itself. Besides, the essay attempts to investigate and to explain the reason behind the difference in the development of transport modes in these countries. Muehlich & Hamacher reflects that: “global passenger and freight
transportation activities, consumption levels of fuels used for transportation purposes” (2006) the difference in transport mode in different countries is because of the relation with passenger and freight activities and the difference in fuel consumption level. Thesis statement: Comparison between the transport modes of India and Australia, and investigation of the reason behind the difference of transport modes.
In India, transport modes play a significant role in economic development and cater the needs of above 1.1 billion people. The transport infrastructure in the South Eastern and South Western parts of the country is far better than other parts. The road network is the backbone/lifeline of the country. World Bank Independent Evaluation Group reflects that: “Since 2000, transport demand has shifted among transport modes, mainly to the advantage of road transport” (World Bank Independent Evaluation Group 2007) the year 2000 shows a tremendous shift in transport demand in India. For instance, in the year 1997, revenue from the road network consists of 4.4 percent of GDP. But the people who live in remote villages get less access to all-weather roads and they become isolated from the other parts of the country in monsoon seasons. The rail network is the longest and 4th heavily used system in the world.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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