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Employees Morale - Essay Example

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The success or failure of an organization vitally depends on employees’ performance and their relationship with customers (Gibson, 2012). The success of many…
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Employees Morale
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Extract of sample "Employees Morale"

Employees morale Introduction Employee morale entails job satisfaction and the overall well-being of an employee in the working environment. The success or failure of an organization vitally depends on employees’ performance and their relationship with customers (Gibson, 2012). The success of many organizations in the today’s business environment can be attributed to the strong bond between the customers and employees. The survey conducted at Enterprise Company revealed several loop holes that need to be filled to elicit commendable productivity of the organisation.
The employees at Enterprise Company are not fully satisfied with their job exposure since it does not fully the external business environment. Therefore, the company should employ a comprehensive exposure strategy for employees to ensure that they develop skills compatible with emerging trends in the rental car business (Bruce, 2003). The company should practice workforce exchange programs with other organizations offering car rental services in order motivate employees to appreciate the company’s working environment.
The employees should be given attractive remuneration to promote loyalty and energize their working potential (Bowles, Cooper & Palgrave, 2009). The company should plan for reasonable allowance strategy to ensure that hardworking employees are reward proportionately to their contribution to the company’s success. The employees should be awarded attractive entertainment allowance to facilitate adequate refreshment when on holiday.
The company working schedule should be well structured ensure that it is convenient for all employees. The employees should not be made to report very early and leave late from work. Overworking the employees lowers their working morale and sometimes pressures them to produce substandard results (Amar, 2001). In this regard, the company should consider restructuring the work program and allow workers to operate in shifts to minimize fatigue and work pressure.
The company should focus on appreciating the hardworking workers to encourage them to put more efforts in their endeavor.. For instance, the employees showing distinguished performance should be promoted to higher ranks and their salaries to be reviewed to boost their working spirit. Research has shown that promotion is a significant booster of employees’ morale. Employees will always work hard to get to high levels of their career.
The company should not interfere with employee freedom at the work place. The employees should be allowed to mingle and share experiences with each other regarding the job and the real life issue. Communication among employees is a significant tool for boosting employees working morale. Research on employee to employee communication has revealed that majority of employees in almost all organizations are happy working in an environment where communication among employees is not restricted. Free communication boosts the employees’ morale in that, the atmosphere in the workplace becomes very friendly. Additionally, the company should promote positive manager- employee relationship. Kumar (2003) argues that good relations between the employees and managers in an organisation provide a level ground for all stakeholders to share responsibilities and job experiences.
Organizations should always strive to maintain the employees’ morale high for positive outcomes. The most appropriate mechanism that can be adopted to boost employee morale in an organisation is improving their welfare. Employees cannot produce to their best if the effective promotion methods and work environment in an organisation are not put in place.
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