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Balance between the Employer and the Employee Goals - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Balance between the Employer and the Employee Goals' presents the human resource management which is the team that is given the task to develop, plan, implement, manage recruits, select, train, and develop initiatives that occur within the organization…
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Balance between the Employer and the Employee Goals
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Extract of sample "Balance between the Employer and the Employee Goals"

Download file to see previous pages To attain a balance between the employer and the employee goals, the human resource department focuses on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the workforce.  Additionally, it is the duty of human resource management to promote employee satisfaction, personal development, as well as complying with laws that are related to employment. The following are the tasks that the human resource management team should indulge themselves in.
One of the main tasks that the human resource manager is given is hiring. Finding a suitable person to take up the position that a human resource manager intents to be filled is a very hard task to do. If human resource management intends to hire the most suitable candidate for the job, the first step to take is to analyze the terms of the job. Analyzing the terms of the jobs include understanding the skills and knowledge acquired for the job, understanding how the job works and the typical settings of the work (Walker,1998).
After the human resource management has analyzed what the job entails, the next step that is required is writing down the job descriptions. Writing the job descriptions entails writing the minimum requirements of the job. The first step to do is to provide a simple and short synopsis of what the job entails. The next step is to write down the duties. In writing down the duties, human resource management should divide the tasks into minor sub duties of the job requirement. The final thing to do is to write the degree of supervision entailed. This includes whether supervision is given or received.
The technique used in recruiting should be able to attract a large pool of people. This will enable human resource management to find the perfect candidate for the job. The current employees provide a suitable candidate for the job since they know the rules and the regulations of the job. This should be done through internal posting of the job perhaps through the notice job. The next step is usually to screen the right candidate through their application and resumes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Balance Between the Employer and the Employee Goals Case Study.
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