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Impact of WorkLife Balance on Employee Performance - Essay Example

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This paper seeks to critically evaluate the significance of work-life balance programs with regard to improvement of employee performance and the organization as a whole. The paper will start by outlining the concept of work-life balance on employee performance…
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Impact of WorkLife Balance on Employee Performance
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Extract of sample "Impact of WorkLife Balance on Employee Performance"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper, the main discussion will be centered on reviewing the relevant literature about the measures that can be implemented by the organization in order to create a fine balance between the needs of the employees and the company so as to enhance positive outcomes for both parties. According to Beauregard and Henry, “Competing demands between work and home have assumed increased relevance for employees in recent years, due in large part to demographic and workplace changes such as rising numbers of women in the labour force, an ageing population, longer working hours, and more sophisticated communications technology enabling near constant contact with the workplace”. In as far as work balance is concerned, the employees should also be in a position to cater to their own family needs and interests. There are likely to be positive outcomes for both the employees and the employers. Research has shown that employees who are not given the opportunity to pursue their own goals are less satisfied in their work compared to those who are given the autonomy to make decisions that can impact on their goals and the needs of the organization. Jackson and Schuler argue that employees are not only motivated by financial gains but the autonomy to make decisions as well as to pursue their personal goals. This helps to create quality relationships between the employees and the organizations where mutual understanding can be enhanced. Against the rising demand of the need to create good industrial relations where dialogue between the employees and the employers can be supported to work together for the betterment of the company as a whole, the UK government has established The Partnership at Work Fund and it was launched under the Government grant scheme through the Department of Trade and Industry in 1999. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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