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Behavioural-Based Safety in the Construction Companies - Essay Example

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This research project proposal seeks to analyze the effectiveness of the behavior-based safety programme at Zawawi Tarmac LLC. Previous research on safety training programs in the construction companies has indicated that giving employees appropriate training results in an improved behavioral safety…
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Behavioural-Based Safety in the Construction Companies
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Download file to see previous pages While there are many other explanations, the research paper will seek to determine the explanations that are applicable to the current case study, which is employee perception of BBS at the workplace, BBS training, safety awareness, safety participation, and group safety culture. A quantitative method study will be used for this research study with a survey-based research design. The research study will utilize probability sampling, which will seek to get at least fifteen labor workers at Tarmac Zawawi LLC. It is expected that high scores in BBS training, perception, awareness, participation, and group safety culture will result in high levels of safety and, therefore, fewer incidents and accidents.
Because of the equipment, machinery, working height, and external activities involved in the construction sector, it is one of the most dangerous occupations in the industry. There are a number of factors, which lead to accidents in this setting. One of them is unsafe conditions and behavior, in which the individual’s behavior accounts for approximately 75% of all events (Roughton & Mercurio, 2012: p82). In addition, most studies suggest that unsafe behavior among workers is more to blame than the safety of conditions in the occurrence of accidents. If unsafe conditions do exist and individuals accept the risk associated with the construction and continue normally with their activities, accidents cannot be blamed on the conditions alone. Therefore, failure to identify conditions that are unsafe prior to and during construction, to continue with construction even after the unsafe conditions are identified, and unsafe performance without regard to the conditions at the site are three major reasons for construction site accidents (Roughton & Mercurio, 2012: p86). In addition, unsafe conditions are brought about by unsafe actions from individual workers and their colleagues, management practices, and inhuman events.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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