Measuring Employee Satisfaction Through Use of Employee Satisfaction Surveys - Essay Example

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Title: Measuring employee satisfaction through use of employee satisfaction surveys Name: Course: Business Tutor: February 24, 2012 Employees are a firm’s most supreme assets. Hence, employee’s satisfaction is critical to an organization, since their productivity depends on it and has a direct bearing on their quality of performance and innovativeness…
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Measuring Employee Satisfaction Through Use of Employee Satisfaction Surveys
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"Measuring Employee Satisfaction Through Use of Employee Satisfaction Surveys"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the companies employ survey to gauge their employee’s satisfactions, recruit top prospects and create internal policies. Survey have a twofold advantage; to the employees, they tell them that their input and concerns are important thus boost their morale and loyalty and to the employers, they assist them to map the companies policies. Employee’s survey can be carried out in a manner of ways, depending with the purpose. To begin with, it can be employee Satisfaction Surveys. In essence, the core goal of any employee survey is to gauge employee satisfaction. This type of survey dwells on workplace issues such as benefits, the work environment, commitment to diversity and effective communication. To the management, the feedback from this type of survey helps to paint the real attitude of employees and their opinion concerning the workplace issues. The feedback, also aid the employer to discern the root cause of persistent problems; such as high expenses, low productivity or low morale in work. To add, another method is to employ is exit survey. This method is best in organizations plagued with high turnover. Turnovers are very expensive to any organization. The survey is conducted on employees who are leaving the particular organization, and the aim is to elicit their reasons for doing so. Written exit survey has been shown to elicit more honest responses than interviews, which lend themselves to unrealistic and overly rosy scenarios. The data derived from exit surveys can be used to create policies and procedures that aid to boost job satisfaction and hence counter the costly effects of job turnover. Another method generally employed by organizations is customer care surveys. This mode of survey is customer oriented, and is designed to deliver quality services and products to customers, that best answer their needs. Generally, those people who are in constant and direct contact with the customers are better suited to provide information on the needs of the customers. Consequently, organizations design a customer care surveys to elicit the opinion of the employees and their knowledge about their customers. This mode of survey helps to seal loopholes in customer service delivery and therefore improve areas where service may be lacking, thereby increase their satisfaction. Finally, another mode of survey is survey on specific issues. This kind of survey is conducted whenever companies wish to conduct material changes that affect the employee welfare, such as new insurance providers or changes in working conditions. This kind of survey is designed to elicit the input of the employee and thus reduce chances of the resistance of the new policy at the implementation phase. In order for the survey to be successful, it is important for the management to observe a number of steps. To begin with, the survey must be advertised. The employees have to be informed well in advance. Generally, response rates have been closely linked to the number of times an upcoming survey is announced. The management can do this via emails, memos, bulletin boards or even the organization newsletter. Secondly, it is critical that anonymity is guaranteed by employers who are conducting employee’s survey. Employees may feel threatened, if they hold opinions that differ or does not agree with the company policies. This may make employees choose not to participate in the survey of if ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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