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The common drivers contributing to employee satisfaction at a later stage in Hong Kong - Dissertation Example

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Abstract Researcher has made an attempt in order to analyse the impact of different factors that lead to employee satisfaction at the later stage of the career of employees in Hong Kong. The researcher has used primary and secondary research in order to identify different factors that influence the employee satisfaction and their impact…
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The common drivers contributing to employee satisfaction at a later stage in Hong Kong
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Download file to see previous pages Primary data has been collected by the researcher through questionnaire from employees that are at their later part of their career. This data has been analysed by the researcher using regression analysis and correlation techniques. The findings of the research study have revealed that recognition is the most important factor that can be helpful in increasing the employee satisfaction level. Compensation has been found as the second most important factor. Other factors such as job longevity and identity also have a positive impact on employee satisfaction though these are not as important as the other two. Table of Contents Abstract 1 1. INTRODUCTION 4 1.1. Background Information: 4 1.2. Research Problem: 4 1.3. Purpose of the Study: 4 1.4. Significance of the Study: 4 1.5. Research Questions: 5 1.6. Scope of the Study: 5 1.7. Dissertation Outline: 5 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 7 2.1. Introduction: 7 2.2. What is Employee Satisfaction? 7 2.3. Factors that Lead to Employee Satisfaction: 8 2.4. Work Satisfaction and Gender 11 2.5. Work Satisfaction and Age 12 2.6. Job Satisfaction Theories 14 2.6.1. Content theories 15 2.6.2. Process Theories 22 2.7. Relationship between Employee Satisfaction and Performance: 26 2.9. Summary: 28 3. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: 29 3.1. Introduction: 29 3.2. Research Objective: 29 3.3. Purpose of Research: 30 3.4. Research Approach 31 3.5. Research Strategy 31 3.6. Research Method 32 3.7. Conceptual Framework 33 3.8. Variables under Investigation: 33 3.8.1. Dependent Variable: 34 3.8.2. Independent Variables 34 3.9. Collection of Data 34 3.9.1. Sources of Data 35 3.9.2. Population Selection: 36 3.9.3. Sample Method Selection  36 3.9.4. Sample Method  36 3.10. Hypothesis 36 3.11. Ethical Issues 37 3.12. Data Analysis: 38 3.14. Limitations 39 3.15. Summary 39 4. DATA DESCRIPTION 41 4.1. Analysis of ‘Questionnaire for Employees’ 41 4.2. Analysis of Questionnaire for Managers 50 5. DATA ANALYSIS 60 5.1. Introduction: 60 5.2. Analysing the Data Using Regression Analysis 60 Analysing each of the independent variable one by one 60 Analysing all the independent variables at the same time 67 5.3. Summary 75 6. DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION, AND RECOMMENDATIONS 76 6.1. Introduction 76 6.2. Discussion 76 6.3. Conclusion 76 6.4. Recommendations 78 6.5. Contributions 78 6.6. Limitations 78 6.7. Further study 79 List of References 80 APPENDIX A 89 APPENDIX B 94 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background Information: An individual or a person passes from different phases or stages during his or her whole career. It is important to acknowledge here that the level of employee satisfaction and motivation is different at different phases of careers. There can be different factors responsible for the difference in the level of the employee satisfaction and motivation at different phases of careers. It is important for the HR mangers and organisations to identify the factors which contribute to the employee satisfaction at different phases of careers (Ulrich and Brockbank, 2005). This research study will explore and investigate the factors responsible for the employee satisfaction at later stage of their career in Hong Kong. 1.2. Research Problem: The research problem which will be investigated in this research study is related to the factors and elements which are responsible for motivating and satisfying the employees at the later stage of their careers. It is im ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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