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The Impact of Human Resource Management on Organizational Effectiveness - Coursework Example

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The paper examines the impact of human resource management on organizational effectiveness. It has been observed that employees are the most valuable asset of an organization, driving overall success. HR management strategies are designed to enhance the skill set and motivational level of employees…
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The Impact of Human Resource Management on Organizational Effectiveness
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Human Resource Management on Organizational Effectiveness"

Download file to see previous pages The concept of strategic HRM evolved in order to provide firms with a competitive advantage. In the last three decades, HRM practices have been treated as an integrated system that upgrades the level of organizational productivity. There is a link between employees and organizational effectiveness since team members play a vital role in accomplishing set goals. However, organizations are often subjected to a wide array of HRM-related problems that eventually degrades performance standards. Organizational effectiveness is highly dependent on employee productivity. There are various approaches which are adopted by an organization to improve employee productivity. For instance, continuous training and development, compensation strategies, etc., are common HRM strategies to keep employees motivated. It can be stated that highly motivated employees contribute maximum towards organizational productivity. Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the recognized players in the automotive industry. The company lacks continuous training and succession planning, which de-motivates employees and leads to an increased rate of employee turnover. There is a need for continuous training because it enables employees to acquire skills or knowledge required for strategy execution. On the other hand, Toyota Motor Corporation operates in an industry, where there is consistent technology diffusion. The company recruits talented individuals, but lack of continuous training and succession plans negatively influences team members. This HRM problem has been persistent since the last few years. There are multiple reasons behind such problem – lump sum investment in other business activities; rapid change in organizational culture, management is relatively more inclined towards conflict resolution, etc. These issues keep the HRM team busy and sufficient time cannot be allocated for designing training programs. However, certain training programs are structured for new recruits, which would not be beneficial if it is not followed consistently. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Human Resource Management on Organizational Coursework.
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