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Challenges of orgnizational change - Essay Example

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Many people have come up with individual companies while others have opted to work for large organizations. Regardless of the organization, there are those challenges that exist. One common types of…
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Challenges of orgnizational change
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Extract of sample "Challenges of orgnizational change"

Challenges of Organizational Change The contemporary business environment has many different issues that affect it. Many peoplehave come up with individual companies while others have opted to work for large organizations. Regardless of the organization, there are those challenges that exist. One common types of challenges is that involving change. In an organization, there are times that changes in the environment may lead to changes happening in the organization. It is critical to go through some of the changes that exist about change with the aim of understanding the various concepts of business further.
Challenge in strategic organization change is one of the most common problems that face organization (Reiss, 2011, 54). This problem involves an organization that may require making several imperative changes in the course of its operations. Many organizations set goals prior to engaging in a particular activity and a time may come that the management may find it necessary to make some changes in the course of operations. A challenge that may come up regarding this is the fact that the organization may lack sufficient resources to accommodate for these changes.
A challenge that may pose is on structural change. This challenge is most common with organizations that may decide to fire some of the most important managers due to poor performance (Zentes, 2013, 32). This works effectively in that the company gets to cut its weak links. However, finding a person to replace the retrenched person is difficult owing to varying qualifications and experience.
Process oriented change is another difficult change that takes place in organizations (Pritts, 2007, 78). This challenge is mostly financial from the fact that a company may require to re-engineer the various processes that it engages. This is imperative for an organization that seeks to score a higher number of clients. However, the company may have the problem of understanding the points from which to begin changes in the processes as it may disrupt already running processes.
People- centered challenge is the other organizational challenge that may come up (Paton, 2008, 56). This challenge normally involves the organization getting new employees for a particular activity or rather business venture that it seeks to engage. There may be challenges in the training of these individuals that might slow down the operations of the organization. Culture is another organizational change that exists and involves the organization adapting to a new market where people have a different culture as compared to the headquarters of the company (Wit, 2010, 75). The challenge may appear when the people are not willing to conform to the companys practices due to deep cultural ties.
Focusing on similarities and differences between these different challenges one gets to understand that strategic change and structural change are different because strategic challenges involve goals of the organization while structural challenges revolve around the human resource of the company. Process oriented change and structural change are similar because they both involve human resource as the human resource department has the role of ensuring that the processes of the organization change. Another similarity is between processes oriented, structural change, people centered challenge, and this is because these involve human resource. Strategic challenges and people centered challenges are different because one deals with the company’s mission while the other discusses the resources of the company.
All these challenges are associated as they seek to improve an organization despite their existence. It is also vital to know that these organizations rarely fail regardless of the challenges presenting. Understanding these challenges is a critical task in that it assists in the improvement of the organization.
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Challenges of Orgnizational Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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