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Organizational challenges & problems - Research Paper Example

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In this regard, all organizations, regardless of their size, should strive to ensure that they planned and managed projects to avoid probabilities of a project or a program failing. It is crucial…
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Organizational challenges & problems
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Extract of sample "Organizational challenges & problems"

Organizational Challenges and Problems Organizations cannot survive without proper and efficient management of projects. In this regard, all organizations, regardless of their size, should strive to ensure that they planned and managed projects to avoid probabilities of a project or a program failing. It is crucial to point out that no single organization would want to make losses. In effect, efficient management of projects and programs becomes crucial towards avoiding these losses. While proper planning is fundamental to successful completion of projects, challenges that organizations experience during the management of projects and programs abound. This expose elucidates on the five greatest challenges organizations faced during the management of its projects and programs.
The greatest challenge an organization may face during the management of a project or a program is a change of the priorities in the organization. It is crucial to point out that, priorities in an organization influence the structuring of objectives in programs and projects. In effect, a shift in organizational priorities challenges the management of ongoing projects. The shifts in the priorities of an organization may be a result of change in top management. On the other hand, an organization may change its objectives and goals and effectively influence a shift in priorities.
The second challenge is a result of lack of precision in the scope statement of a project or a program. In this regard, failure to identify the scope of the project by clearly outlining the project goals and key project deliverables poses a challenge towards managing a project or a program in an organization. However, effective prior planning will help in identifying an explicit scope. On the other hand, managers may adopt changes in management in order to redefine the scope in ongoing projects or programs.
In the process of implementing and managing a project or a program, changes in the deliverables and scope are inevitable. In effect, managing these changes becomes a challenge to organizations during the implementation and management of projects or programs. Nevertheless, effective management entails considering these changes and planning the update of these changes in the project or program.
The fourth challenge organizations faced while managing and implementing a project or a program is a failure to assess and effectively manage risks, which affected the program or project. In this regard, the failure to assess the risks associated with a project meant that the organization risked failing to achieve its objectives while failing to realize its scope deliverables. Therefore, effective risk assessment and management are two of the most important factors to consider during management of projects and programs. In this regard, risk assessment and management ensures that there is the identification of risks that might affect a project. In effect, the organization plans effective methods of responding to any risks associated with a project or program.
Finally, organizations face a challenge associated with conflict amongst the project team members or a team charged with the responsibility of implementation a program or project. In this regard, such members will not work towards the similar objective of achieving the scope of the project or program that an organization implemented. In this regard, this challenge lowers performance of team members, reduces the ability of members to be creative, and encouraged hostilities. However, organizations should ensure that they trained their members and invested more time in teambuilding to ensure cohesion and reduction of conflicts.
From the foregoing, it is clear that organizations should link their projects and programs with various factors ranging from priorities in an organization to team building efforts. On the other hand, proper planning before implementing and managing a project is crucial to avoid the challenges that an organization may face during the management and implementation of projects and programs. Read More
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