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This framework determines how the organisation arranges its lines of authority, roles, delegation of authorities, reporting and communication.1It also refers to the form…
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Behavioural implications of organisational structure
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Download file to see previous pages An organisational structure can affects various factors such as employees behaviour, communication, information flow, delegation of riles and responsibilities, economic performance and culture of the organisation. Therefore, the challenges faced by the companies, related to organisational structure, insist them to learn behavioural implications of organisational structure.
In the recent years, to enhance the flexibility and to meet the future challenges, the organisations are shifting from hierarchical and more bureaucratic organisational structure to flatter, organic and matrix structures. These structures enhance the empowerment, coordination and performance of the employees. It means that firms understand the importance of organisational structure to achieve their goals.
Before discussing in detail, the behavioural implications of organisational structure, touching over the work of early researchers is very important. Although most of the researchers agree upon the statement that organisational structure does have a very significant role in influencing the organisational behaviour, however, most of them conflict when it comes to discuss in terms of kind of organisational structure.
The organisational structure and design plays a more significant role in organisational fairness than we consider it (Schminke 2000).4In 1960, Katz and Kahn argued that hierarchical structures do improve the coordination.5 James argues that formal organisational structure solves the ethical problems within the firms, by affecting the behaviour of the employees.6Worrall and Kakabadse, in their comparative study of nine social service departments, found that the determinants of organisational structure are centralisation and formalisation, and they are negatively related to the job satisfaction of the employees.7
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