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Organizational Change Plan Implementation II - Research Paper Example

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Organizational Change Plan Implementation II Name Instructor Organizational Change Plan Implementation II Introduction The necessity of organizational change is determined by the fluid and dynamic nature of the operational climate, which often calls for frequent revisions in the systems of efficiency, strategies to counter obstacles, adjustments in quality levels, and matters of competition (Burke, 2010)…
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Organizational Change Plan Implementation II
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Download file to see previous pages In the particular case of Winds Psychiatric Hospital, the introduction of Electronic Medical Records is expected to bring about significant changes in the operational changes of the organization. The change will inject the element of efficiency in the processes of billing, storage, and general management of records and information. The necessity of this change is to be understood in terms of the need to increase the efficiency and quality of services to the clients. The Electronic Medical Records will also impact positively on aspects of staff satisfaction since it will help solve the challenge of work-related stress, which is associated with the cumbersome and tedious manual processes of information management at the facility. The implementation and efficacy of this change will depend significantly on the organizational structure of the facility and the willingness of the workers to adopt the changes. Essentially, this change in organization is expected to solve the logistical challenges that have slowed administrative and clinical processes at the Winds Psychiatric Hospital. ...
in the processes of organizational change is important in shielding the process from the weaknesses that could be resident in a single method (Burke, 2010). It helps to enrich the judgment of the analysts in a manner that provides the most appropriate, credible, and reliable information of the implementation process. This helps in development of suitable actions and interventions. Benchmarking Through benchmarking, the process will make use of specific performance indicators, which shall be used to guide change management decisions. As an evaluation method, benchmarking is often preferred because it allows the implementers to observe the performing and performing elements of the change process (Grembergen, 2001). In the course of monitoring, benchmarking will assist in exposing the poorly performing parts of the change and the better performing aspects of the change program. The development of benchmark will involve the generation of data on the specifics of record management and clinical processes that are targeted for change through the Electronic Medical Records program. For instance, data on time taken to accomplish certain tasks will be recorded and measured against set standards in order to evaluate the effect of change on the program. Different benchmarks will be set for the different programs that fall under the organizational change program in order to distinguish between the different levels of success across the categories. It is expected that different aspects of the program will respond in varying ways following the introduction of Electronic Medical Records program at the Winds Psychiatric Hospital. Process Evaluation The choice of process evaluation as a monitoring method is appropriate for the reason that it works at the level of implementation and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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