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Diagrams about business change - Research Paper Example

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Business Process Change Q#5 Prepare two general process diagrams (see figure 9.2) for the Business Process Change you identified in question #2 in Unit 1. 5a. Diagram the current process steps taken by the organization for the process. 5b. Diagram any adaptations to the process steps after the change process is approved…
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Diagrams about business change
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, appropriate technology should match the organization’s people and processes (Macmillan, 2007). Moreover, businesses can only achieve absolute benefits of technology if they consider application of technology as a source of business opportunities and not a source of expense for the business (Harigopal, 2006). Considering information technology as a solution allows businesses to explore the potentials of information technology. Currently Four Winds Hospital requires a business solution that will enable it combine and integrated business opportunities. When fully implemented, the system will enhance efficiency in the organization. This will be realized through improved ability to handle and process information. Currently the hospital faces difficulties involving processing of customers and operation information. When fully implemented, the company will increase its operations by more that 50%. This will result from enhanced ability to handle customers and increased operation related data. UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT (Responses Should Run 3-5 Pages in Length) Q#7 Assess one specific activity to be performed within the process change. From the assessment, identify the task being evaluated. Where would that activity be performed within the organization? Who would perform the task and who would manage, measure, and evaluate task completion? Make sure you separate out the information requested (don’t place the information in a large block paragraph). Most health organizations face difficulties relating to prescription. The proposed system is expected to provide a solution to the problem through an automated prescription system. The organization need to have specific implementation procedures for the specific systems required in the organization. For the organization to be up to date with the modern technological development, it requires to eliminate paper work that relate to current systems and operations (Marion, & Joan, 2004). Although the organization might not achieve the required benefits from the system in the short-term, it stands to achieve long-term benefits following successful implementation (Burke, 2010). The benefits achieved by the organization from a successful implementation of the system will be part of organization’s return on investment. People form important components of an information system, people are not only important in the design of an information system but they also contribute in the implementation process. For the organization to implement the new information system successfully, it needs to consider the people required to run the new system. The organization will therefore consider the available staff before considering hiring new members of staff. If its existing staff can implement the new system successfully, then the organization needs not hire new staff. However if the available staff are not capable of implementing the system, the organization require additional staff members. The organization should therefore ensure that it has the required staff before setting on the implementation process. Although the organization will require staff members with variety of qualifications, the organization should consider a project manager as a significant member of staff. The hospital should therefore, begin by recruiting a project manager to advice the organization accordingly on matters ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Diagrams about Business Change Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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