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Mace Ford - History and Organizational Changes - Research Paper Example

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This report intends to review the century history and organizational changes of Mace Ford. The paper focuses on the problems faced by the company. Since the moment the automotive business was incorporated by Herb Mace through the deal which has become a real challenge due to Ford’s franchise.  
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Mace Ford - History and Organizational Changes
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Extract of sample "Mace Ford - History and Organizational Changes"

Download file to see previous pages Considering the operations of Mace Ford over the past several years, it has been evaluated that the most crucial problem that it faced in its operational lifecycle is that of managing the changes in its new location on Highway 41 South, US. The dealership that they had with Ford has led to this change in location because, after the deal, Mace Ford was supposed to have Ford trucks, the line of which is much bigger than the line of cars (Hayes, 2009).    
Quite a few cases have been identified for the prospect problem in the organizational development of Mace Ford after its dealership with Ford. With the move of changing location, the organization faced the challenge of maintaining effective internal communication. The organizations’ people like that of the engineers, contractors, and workers cited problems mentioning ineffective receiving of organizational information. The management at Mace Ford was not being able to ensure that up-to-date information was received by each employee. The management and operational controlling heads were not able to provide the appropriate means for accessing the systems of the company in the initial phases of its operations in the new location. The management of the company was much busy with maintaining the scheduled plan for the location change and adhering to the present orders of Ford and thus they could not organize their internal communication properly. The dealing with an individual employee is also an important task for the management. Each member of the organization should have been treated individually but at the same time should be made feel like a part of the organization. This task, however, becomes difficult when the primary focus of the management is something else. This exactly happened with Mace Ford and these loopholes at the time of the dealership created a huge challenge for the company with respect to both internal as well as the external business environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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