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Management of Project Organization - Essay Example

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The study would aim at answering these research questions: Why do we need project organizations? What values can project organizations add? What are the key organization support structures that you would expect to find in a project-oriented organization?…
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Management of Project Organization
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Extract of sample "Management of Project Organization"

A: There are mainly two types of film production companies--independents (team disband after film production) and Film studios (e.g. 21 Century Fox).Essentially, each film production is a project.
1. Please elaborate on how film studios can add value to film production (at project-film level).
Film studios can add value to film production because they often have much larger budgets and can invest in greater quality actors and a more experienced crew. Beyond this, film studios can use advertising to reach a wide range of possible customers. Film studios simply bring name recognition that can help a film production get off the ground.
2. If film studios can add extra value to film productions, why the independents still exist?
Although film studios can be great for adding extra value to film productions, independents still exist because it gives the director and crew more scope for poetic license, etc. Once the film has been made, it is then easier to convince a film studio to pick it up rather than in pre-production.
B: If a project can be delivered by a group of individuals:
1. Why do we need project organizations (like construction contractors and IT services companies)?
Although projects can be completed by a group of individuals, it is sometimes necessary to enlist the help of project organizations due to technical expertise. These contractors and service companies may also be able to complete the project more efficiently and at a cheaper rate, making it a competitive advantage to make use of these project organizations.
2. What values can project organizations add?
In addition to reducing costs, project organizations can increase productivity and create better quality goods and services. Project organizations have a particular skill set that can be used in situations where either existing knowledge is not there in the firm or there is not enough scope to be able to complete the project without these organizations.
1. Provide three examples of project-oriented organisations.
Three examples are manufacturing businesses, construction projects, and non-IT organisations. The first one is more focused on reducing costs and increasing output. The second has a clear structure with a project manager in charge. The latter has specific IT project managers who are often left to do their own thing.
2. What are the key organisation support structures that you would expect to find in a project-oriented organisation?
In a project-oriented organisation you would expect to find flat structures with very few levels between project managers and the board. The reason is so that quick decisions can be made because the board is kept apprised of the latest happenings.
3. Would these be different for a services company where all or most of the work was conducted through projects?
This would be a little different for a services company because people would be hired in to conduct projects, and they would not be able to directly report to the board. In this instance, an extra layer would be added and this could slow down the flow of information between all the levels in the structure.
1. How would you measure an organisations effectiveness in managing projects?
Project effectiveness would be managed by comparing the initial plans with the final result. This could be done through checking the initial budget against the final cost, etc. A series of checkpoints along the way could also show how effective an organisation is in managing projects, and alterations could be made depending on the progress (or lack of) that is occurring.
2. Should the measures be different between project organisations (e.g. construction contractors and IT services companies) versus those organisations with substantial continuous operations (e.g. commercial banks and auto manufacturing)?
No, I dont think these measures should be different because the principles still remain the same. Although a project organisation will have direct control over a project, organisations with continuous operations still have goals and objectives that must be met regardless. If anything, project organisations and other organisations will ultimately be responsible for the success of the project.
1. What is the relationship amongst organizational theory, organizational design, and organizational structure and culture?
All of these terms have to do with the goals and objectives that a firm is working toward. Organizational theory has to do with the relationship between the firm and its environment. Each of these can affect the other, and it is important to get the balance right. On the other hand, organizational design and change deals with the methods used to reach goals and objectives, and this works in conjunction with organizational theory. Finally, organizational structure and culture has to do with the working environment that is formed, but all three of these depend or rely somewhat on the other. Read More
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