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How E. W. Tipping Foundation Is Serving the Society in an Appropriate Manner - Statistics Project Example

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The main focus of this paper is towards evaluating the quarterly reports of the incident cases that are published by this foundation so as to understand the trend regarding how E. W. Tipping Foundation is serving society in an appropriate manner…
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How E. W. Tipping Foundation Is Serving the Society in an Appropriate Manner
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Extract of sample "How E. W. Tipping Foundation Is Serving the Society in an Appropriate Manner"

Download file to see previous pages E. W. Tipping Foundation is primarily a non-profit organization mostly operational in the area of Victoria, Australia. The foundation aims towards fostering the concepts of social justice and human rights through its community development programs and services. The foundation started its functions in terms of providing aid to disabled individuals and to date has steadily prevailed towards broadening its structure in terms of providing support towards family services. By taking into consideration the development trend, this report will mostly focus on critically analyzing the incident data that has been provided in category 1 and category 2 lists (NSW Government, n.d.). This critical incident analysis paper also aims to understand the present trends within this non-profit organization’s services and makes appropriate recommendations regarding how the quality of the services can be improvised. Correspondingly, the graphical representations of the provided data have also been incorporated.
The data regarding the number of incident cases and the client count of the three quarters has been provided and has also been critically described using the graphical representations. The entire critical analysis has been segregated into two specific categories. The first category is regarding the ‘Out of Home Care (OOHC)’ and the second one is the ‘disability cases’. The number of clients in the case of OOHC has been measured to be 38 and the total number of clients that have been determined under the disability case is 796 (E. W. Tipping Foundationa, 2013).
In accordance with the provided reports, the total number of incident cases belonging to category 1 for the month duration from 1st July 2013 to 30th September 2013 has been recorded as 32. Out of this recorded incident count, a total of 16 cases were categorized to be under OOHC and the remaining 16 were categorized to be under disability (E. W. Tipping Foundationa, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How E. W. Tipping Foundation Is Serving the Society in an Appropriate Statistics Project)
How E. W. Tipping Foundation Is Serving the Society in an Appropriate Statistics Project.
“How E. W. Tipping Foundation Is Serving the Society in an Appropriate Statistics Project”, n.d.
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