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Foundations of Urban and Regional Environments - Term Paper Example

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An author of the paper "Foundations of Urban and Regional Environments" seeks to discuss the environmental aspects of urban planning. The paper will identify the problems that arise as a result of poor planning. Finally, the paper presents insightful recommendations for proper urban planning…
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Foundations of Urban and Regional Environments
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Extract of sample "Foundations of Urban and Regional Environments"

Download file to see previous pages It is critical to note that urban and regional setups are the hub of industries. As a matter of fact, environmental degradation starts from urban setups. Climate change is at the center of the environmental discussions in the modern dispensation. Urban and regional developments contribute immensely to the crisis of climate change. As such, the focus has since shifted to the urban and regional set-ups to the extent to which they affect the environment (Bhatta, 2010).
Congestions and mismanagement are a major problem in the urban and regional dwellings to the extent that the environment is constantly at risk. It is, therefore, informative for stakeholders to come up with the means and ways of correcting the manner in which urban and regional hubs are set up (Herrmann-Pillath, 2013). A number of policies are necessary to drive the agenda of the environment in so far as urban and regional establishments are concerned. This is not a problem that can be wished away as it is key to determining the state of the environment not just for the present but the future also. Even though urban and regional environments continue to gain prominence, planning is key to their foundations.
Planning in the urban and regional environments has all to do with the manner in which the physical set up is established. One of the single most challenges that urban and regional environments continue to face is poor planning. Congestions in towns and cities are a common phenomenon in most of the establishments. While a number of people continue to be less oblivious about the physical environment of their surroundings, a steady rise in anarchy continues to be experienced. Even though the foundations of urban and regional environments may be up and running, planning is key to sustainable growth and development. The arrangement of the dwellings is the main focus of planning.    ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Foundations of Urban and Regional Environments Term Paper.
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