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Studentification and Its Effects on the Local Community - Coursework Example

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This work "Studentification and Its Effects on the Local Community" describes the overall impact of studentification on the local community. The author outlines the reason why most students choose to congregate in one area in relation to the development of students’ lifestyles, culture, and the community. …
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Studentification and Its Effects on the Local Community
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Extract of sample "Studentification and Its Effects on the Local Community"

Download file to see previous pages As part of designing a universal guideline with regards to satisfying the specific needs of the students as well as the residential communities, the local authorities and HEIs are exerting an effort in the development of studentification in the United Kingdom (Smith et al., 2006; p. 10). In the process of developing the guidelines, the social, cultural, physical, and economic aspects of the increasing growth in the number of students within the HEIs including some HMO-related issues should be considered (Smith, 2002). In order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, effective communications, as well as transparency among the stakeholders], becomes an important aspect that could increase the success rate of the project.  
For this study, the researcher will conduct a literature review on the types of the environment wherein studentification is likely to be implemented as well as the existing policy behind studentification; challenges behind the studentification policy, and its impact on the local housing markets.  
Studentification is expected to be found in an environment wherein a specific local community is highly concentrated with student settlement in each university towns throughout the United Kingdom (National HMO Lobby, 2005). In most cases, a large portion of housing properties within the neighborhoods are being rented out to the local university students.
South Headingley, Leeds is one of the few areas that is widely known for having a population of more than 6,000 students out of its 10,000 residents (Department for Communities and Local Government, 2006).  As a result of the high demand for housing business opportunities, the Leeds City Council design strategic initiatives to meet the specific concerns of the permanent residents with regards to implementing a Shared Housing Action Plan.  In terms of university housing accommodation, some universities offer either a university-owned, university-managed, or a university partnership schemes with a group of private landlords (Sheffield Hallam University, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Studentification and Its Effects on the Local Community Coursework.
(Studentification and Its Effects on the Local Community Coursework)
Studentification and Its Effects on the Local Community Coursework.
“Studentification and Its Effects on the Local Community Coursework”.
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