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Alcoholism and Its Effects to the Community of Jersey City - Term Paper Example

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Alcoholism and Its Effects on Jersey City Name Professor Institution Course Date Alcoholism and Its Effects on Jersey City New Jersey is one of the Stets in the United States of America. It is the most densely populated city in the country and this has been one aspect leading to the increased fame of the country…
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Alcoholism and Its Effects to the Community of Jersey City
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Extract of sample "Alcoholism and Its Effects to the Community of Jersey City"

Download file to see previous pages There is also the study of the various societal issues that affect the city. One of the issues is alcoholism and its effect on the population of the city spreads wide. It is important to review these issues and the various health issues that accompany it in both a human and the society as a whole. The demographic study of the area shows that in the 2010 census, the country had around 246,594 people in total. Of this vast population, people under the age of 18 years were 23.5%. The number of people from the population that was above the age of 65 was 13.5%. Scrutinizing the gender aspect of the population, there was some form of balance as 51.3% of the people were females. The city has a vast population of white people as compared to black people despite its proximity to the suburbs of New York that have very many black people. In New Jersey, 69.1% of the population comprised of white people while 13.7% represented the black community. The rest of the population remaining to make up 100% comprised people of mixed Races and backgrounds (Jacobs, 2012). Other statistics on the city tend to show the various issues involved with the drinking population of the city. Alcoholism has been an issue on the rise and the police have grown more vigilant in an effort to curb this issue. The national bureau of statistics brought out the Driving under the Influence statistics. Drunk driving in the United City is a very widespread felony and the reduction of this is very influential. The statistics showed that earlier years and specifically in the year 1995, 689 cases of drunken driving reports in New Jersey came in. By the year 1999, the cases had gone down as 653 cases of drunk driving were reported. However, of the most recent statistics from the 2009, there were 721 cases of driving under the influence. That was a very sharp increase as compared to initial years (Jacobs, 2012). The Alcoholic Anonymous is one of the services that have had its services in New Jersey of the few past years. This is because of the noted increase in alcoholism in the city. 77% of the alcoholics in Jersey City do not actually recognize the service and just go on with their daily activities. However, for the 23% of the population that pays attention to the recent trends in the system, they have benefited greatly through training and there have been some extra services of the past three years to help reduce the addiction of some of the members. The number of people migrating out of the city in the past 3 years has increased steadily. Interviews with some of these people clearly show that the 15% of the reason behind this is alcoholism. The people state that it is hard for them to bring up their children in the neighborhoods as they feel that they will grow to be regular drinkers as has been the case of many of the people living there without the ability to control oneself (Cindy, 2008). There was also the review of the number of pubs in the city and this goes well to support the issues brought out by the emigrants. Studies show that over the last three years, the number of pubs in Jersey City has increased at a rate of around 27%. The reason as to why this has happened is the fact that the tax rate on alcoholic beverages has gone down from the last budget. This has made entrepreneurs major in venturing into the alcoholic business that seems profitable by a very large margin. Jersey City is known to be one that is easily influenced by changes around and the amount of peer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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