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What would America be like in the face of a prohibition of alcohol? Behr’s work offers a comprehensive study of the prohibition of alcohol. It tries to device reasons and causes that may have brought about certain people to advocate for prohibition quite strongly. …
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Download file to see previous pages However, these said government laws, though well intentioned, might confront stiff opposition in their implementation, thus leading to the repeal of the laws. The Prohibition law in the United States is a classic example of how a well-intentioned law may meet opposition, which may ultimately lead to its repeal. History indicates that alcohol has been a major source of the problems in the society (Maisto, Galizio and Connors 2010, 194). This annotated bibliography examines the effects of prohibition in America. Prohibition, which is also known as the Noble Experiment, was converted into a law on January 17, 1920 (Smith 1996, 17). However, this was not the first time that alcohol was under prohibition in America. For the state of Maine was the first state in America to prohibit alcohol; this was far back in the 1850’s (Kyvig 2000, 7). The law made it illegal to possess, manufacture, distribute, consume, advertise, give, or remove alcohol or alcohol based recipes from a residence or business premise (Vick and Rhoades 2009, 128). The main group that facilitated the implementation of the prohibition was the Anti Saloon League (ASL), a power organization that had the support of a majority of the members of the Congress (Peck 2009, 9). People who formulated the law thought that the law would help in reducing the vices in the society, which were associated with alcohol; however, the law elicited widespread debate on the subject. Among the people who were actively involved in the debate were the women who formed two opposing groups. One of the groups, that is, Women Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), advocated for the prohibition. Whereas another group, that is, the Women Organization for National Prohibition Repeal (WONPR), fought against the prohibition (Rose 1997, 2). The main reason that led to the formation of organizations that were against the prohibition, was that prohibition had led to a significant increase in crime. In addition, prohibition turned people who were previously law-abiding citizens to become criminals (Behr 1996, 2). Thus, prohibition threatened to lead to the moral disintegration of the American society. Here, the people who were supposed to enforce the law were under insinuation several times in corruption scandals (Hayness and Harding 1923, 274). Apart from the effects the prohibition had on the crime rates, it also negatively affected several sectors of the United States economy, which was the primary source of livelihood of millions of Americans, either directly or indirectly. One of the sectors under great impact was the wine industry (Pinney 2005, 4). Therefore, for effective and successful implementation the government should have first tried to build a consensus and evaluate the effects of the prohibition instead of forcing it down on people (Stelzle 1926, 208).] Books Behr, Edward. 1996. Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America. New York: Arcade Publishing. What would America be like in the face of a prohibition of alcohol? Behr’s work offers a comprehensive study of the prohibition of alcohol. It tries to device reasons and causes that may have brought about certain people to advocate for prohibition quite strongly. Throughout the book, the author uses temperance to explain why certain groups of people, notably, the Anti-Saloon League, successfully used temperance to show why alcohol should be subject to prohibition. In the book, the author tries to analyze the propaganda spread by the Anti-Saloon League to impose fines on certain alcohol manufacturers. The Anti-Saloon League sometimes played the racial cards and tried to capture the American’s hatred towards the Germans to help in the advancement of its goals of imposing prohibition. Here, the author develops the story by showing how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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