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The Causes and Effects of Addictions on Marriage - Essay Example

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The author states that in the stress-filled world of today, it is nearly impossible to find any individual without a single bad habit. Bad habits have developed into a part of life. While understandably there is no moral ground from any religion for bad habits, they should be indulged in excess …
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The Causes and Effects of Addictions on Marriage
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Extract of sample "The Causes and Effects of Addictions on Marriage"

Download file to see previous pages Causes by pornography, visiting prostitutes, extramarital affairs, early life abuse, psychiatric disorders and escaping negative emotions, the named process addictions affect marriages by the loss of savings, codependent spouses, unsatisfactory marital sex and danger to jobs, reputation, and health. Cures should be sought for addiction speedily if marriages are to be saved and resumed.
The term ‘addiction’ previously referred only to substances such as alcohol, narcotics, and nicotine. But scientific research on the human brain and its functions conducted not long ago concluded that many forms of human behavior {such as sexual behavior and gambling} could be as chemically addictive as substances (Dorsey & Jaffe
A marriage is the foundation of a family that is a natural social system which occurs in a diversity of forms today and represents a diversity of cultural heritages (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2007, p.23). There are 5 addictions that have effects on marriage which can be classified into two groups: Substance Addiction and Process Addiction. Substance Addiction involves the use of external substances to generate feelings of excessive well being or elation {‘high’}, whereas Process Addiction is caused by chemicals discharged into the brain ( to get the feeling of ‘high.’ While there are several others in the Substance Addiction category, the ones affecting marriage are Alcohol, Drugs, and Food. Similarly, in the Process Addiction group, the ones affecting marriage are Sexual Addiction, Compulsive Gambling Addiction, Compulsive Shopping Addiction, and Shoplifting Addiction.
The above-named addictions are additional burdens to married couples already facing typical problems and challenges in today’s life that is characterized by a ‘postmodern’ outlook where they cannot expect to avoid exposure to stress, loss or other traumatic experiences.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Causes and Effects of Addictions on Marriage Essay.
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