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Local community improvement proposal - Essay Example

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Community is definite as a assemblage of people leaving in a particular local area. Local community may comprise of business owners, home owners and politician as well; people of different specialization. …
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Local community improvement proposal
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Download file to see previous pages People have different views to improve the local community, but all of these views must be in accordance to the need of the community in order to achieve some improvement to the community. In this proposal will outline key factors will better the development of a local area. Factors that will improve the development of a local area Improvement of security in the local area One needs to know that environment upon which a person live plays a prominent role in determine the development of a local community; it may be in terms of security or safety. An environment that is of security yields a good platform upon which development can take place. When there is peace within a society, citizens become confident to invest in the area hence bringing services and good at the door step. Therefore, it is necessary to establish proper security in a local area to enable investors to have the courage to invest in a local area. In addition, studies reveals that a secured area develops at a faster rate compared to areas with less security; where secured environment offers a rich environment upon one can build talents; enables one to set their future. Hence security plays a prominent role in setting platform for development to take place (Dickens Ronald 16). Improvement of communication in the local area. There should exist a good communication among the citizens; agreement in terms of communication of ideas determines the development of an area. With reliable communication, one can be able to get new ideas about different business opportunity or improve his thinking about certain business issues. Good communication will always provide citizen of a local area with a variety of information upon which they can pick new ideas (Campfen 17). Increase employment opportunity in the local area Employment plays a prominent role in improving the local community; with employment, one will be able to earn money which can be used to purchase facilities to improve the community. Studies reveal that seventy percent of successful communities in the world are those of employed people. Therefore, employment of local citizens is a channel to development of a community. In addition, employment encourages the establishment in relation to specialization; employment provides an individual with experience which can attribute to improvement. Thurs, to improve local community, it is necessary to provide the community with employment. This will ensure the is income to put in investments and also nurtures one’s with experiences upon which development of the community can take place at a faster rate. To put more emphasis on the same, studies reveal the employment is a key factor for improvement of the community; about sixty three percentage of development of an area occurs due to employment (Swanepoel & Frik 187). Improvement of infrastructures Infrastructures such as roads networks and communication needs to be improved order to linkage between the local community and the entire country at large. Well established road networks can improve the development of local area in essence that it increases the links of a local area and key towns. Business owners in the local area will need to transport goods and services, with well established roads network a business owner can be able to bring good and service to the local area with ease. Thurs, to improve a local community, one needs to improve the infrastructure that links the local community and the rest community (Dickens Ronald 22).. Ensure proper distribution of resources in the location Distribution of resources in a local area determines it improvement; poor allocation of resources distribution will determine the access to the recourse in a local; this implies when a resource is distributed well. The community can easily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Local Community Improvement Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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