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Plan for the Utility of the Forensic Sciences - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal intends to evaluate the utility of the different Forensic disciplines and compare their contribution to crime resolution in major departments. The study proposes to analyze and investigate the reports and findings of several forensic examinations…
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Plan for the Utility of the Forensic Sciences
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Extract of sample "Plan for the Utility of the Forensic Sciences"

Download file to see previous pages As explained by Light and Schwartz ( 1993), though each “ forensic discipline demonstrated a high degree of utility in specific criminal offense categories. … reviewed, there were no instances in which the findings of one discipline contradicted the results of any other discipline.” It is becoming apparent that the local law enforcement community does not have the resources or ability to develop, test, and integrate the new technological tools that its agencies need. Training needs are going unmet, the forensics community is significantly under-resourced, and the full resources of the federal government, in particular, the national laboratories, have not been turned toward the needs of local law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement is becoming increasingly complex and dangerous because many criminals have access to greater firepower and are more disposed to use it than the police are. In comparison, studies done to show the forensic capabilities of the military have revealed that the military has the abilities to assist these labs in several ways. Thus this research proposes to discuss the forensics related to the military department and analyses how the use of forensics can both benefit the military and basic forensics labs.
The investigation of crimes through the application of scientific evidence happens to be a multidisciplinary approach, involving the contribution from science and technology, law, etc . says Moenssens, Inbau, & Starrs ( 1986). According to Light and Schwartz ( 1993), “The forensic sciences have traditionally provided the criminal investigator with expert opinions to provide links between the suspect and the crime. The forensic disciplines have been instrumental in resolving criminal investigations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Plan for the Utility of the Forensic Sciences Research Proposal.
“Plan for the Utility of the Forensic Sciences Research Proposal”, n.d.
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