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Employment of Forensic Science Examinations within the U.S. Military - Dissertation Example

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The study discusses the different recommendations of a Senate Report on assessment of forensic science needs of state, and local authorities; on the maximal use of the resources for forensic sciences; identification of potential forensic advancements…
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Employment of Forensic Science Examinations within the U.S. Military
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Extract of sample "Employment of Forensic Science Examinations within the U.S. Military"

Download file to see previous pages It is also very light and easy reading and does not make use of technical terms to express its important elements and details. The disadvantages of this article are that firstly, it is not an academic paper hence its sources are not cited and supported. Secondly, most of its data do not come from primary evidence as most of them come from second-hand data secured from other authors and other studies. Nevertheless, this study establishes a clear picture of the value and importance of DNA and forensic evidence in the criminal justice system within and outside the military system. In a paper by the Committee on Identifying the Needs of the Forensic Sciences Community (2009), the committee carried out a study on the strengthening of forensic science in the United States. The study discussed the different recommendations of a Senate Report on assessment of forensic science needs of state, and local authorities; on the maximal use of the resources for forensic sciences; identification of potential forensic advancements; on the recommendations of programs to increase qualified forensic sciences; and on the assessment of the role of the forensic community in homeland security. This study also identified issues on limited resources in the application and the use of forensic science. These issues also include the transition of forensic science into the process of litigation which may sometimes translate to gaps in its application. The study makes different recommendations which include the increase of funding and allocation in forensic science, the use of standard terminology in the reporting of forensic examinations, research on validity and reliability of forensic science, studies on the improvement of the...
This study is advantageous because it specifies the different issues which forensic science is facing, and these issues are well-supported by evidence. Proper sources are provided by the committee and are used as basis for the review and assessment of the forensic science and its applications in the actual practice. The issues are also clearly defined by the committee and the causes as well as the possible recommended solutions to each issue are also clearly presented by the committee. Recommendations in relation to homeland security are also established by the committee, and this is based on the specifications of the Senate report. This report is also an academic and scholarly paper because the details it includes and discusses are well supported by verifiable and reliable evidence. Although it is a report supported by the government, there is no sign of bias or falsehood in its content. This report is disadvantageous in the sense that it does not provide sufficient data and support on the current applications of forensic science in the military. Although it provides a discussion on forensic science in terms of the Department of Homeland Security, it does not provide a picture of how forensic science can be applied in the military in their criminal investigations. There is a need therefore for future studies of this committee to consider the actual applications of forensic science in the military and to review how well they blend in into the system and how well they assist personnel in the application of the criminal justice system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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