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Perspectives of the Perfume by Design - Research Proposal Example

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The paper «Perspectives of the Perfume by Design” believes the company has all the necessary resources to build a successful business in the Mayfair region, London. The offer of a new fragrance, having no analogs in the market, and the “do-it-yourself” concept will contribute to brand awareness. …
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Perspectives of the Perfume by Design
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Extract of sample "Perspectives of the Perfume by Design"

Download file to see previous pages Perfume By Design maintains the excellent potential for first-year profitability, and beyond, and will make a lasting impression on the local community through its commitment to quality and service. Due to the size of this start-up business, the management structure at Perfume By Design will consist of a typical top-down hierarchy, with a centralized management structure. The executive leadership consists of the two owners who will be responsible for the administrative functions at the company, handling all executive-level decision-making. In-store, the senior leadership function will be performed by a Deputy Manager, with all lower-level management and generic associates reporting directly to this manager. This centralized leadership hierarchy will ensure that adequate controls are in place in terms of in-store decision-making and will clearly illustrate the scope of authority granted to each position at Perfume By Design. The organizational structure of the business should be clearly designated (and posted) to leave no room for uncertainty about who at the business maintains authority.
Employees at Perfume By Design, under the company’s stern focus toward creating an atmosphere of internal partnership, will be labeled as Scent Technologists and will be trained, prior to start-up, regarding scent combinations, how to deliver superior customer service, and how to effectively utilize the laboratory-environment equipment. Managers will be expected to comply with senior-level administrative policy and will be held accountable for compliance through incentive pay programmes or disciplinary actions in the event of non-compliance.
This top-down management philosophy does not necessarily mean, in terms of establishing a positive culture, that managers and Scent Technologists will not receive flexibility for offering suggestions and contributing to the strategic goals of the company. In fact, the senior-level leaders will maintain a quality focus on the soft approach to managing human resources by continuously developing and coaching employees to succeed.
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