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Report Develping Marketing plan for Cancer Society - Essay Example

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The central theme of this paper is the conceptualization of an effective marketing plan that will help promote the cancer society of New Zealand. As advanced by Gavin J and B Marshall of the New Zealand Cancer Control Trust (2001), cancer has been the major cause of population mortality in New Zealand and that this deadly disease is highly manageable and preventable by means of early detection…
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Report Develping Marketing plan for Cancer Society
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Download file to see previous pages The programs and activities whereby this organization focuses is the key figure to bringing about the success of the goals and aims of this society in the hope of improving overall health status of New Zealand in the years to come.
The aim of the programs set by the New Zealand Cancer Society is to proliferate and increase funding to further various programs aimed at the early detection of cancer as part of the preventive schemes set to minimize the occurrence or prevalence of cancer as well as to support cancer victim who are somehow affected by the enormous sky-high medication cost. It identifies areas with which to focus upon, but there is no concrete program plan designed to make each goal and aim possible. Although there is a concrete identification of the aims and goal on where the programs are headed as well as a clear cut definition at why this organization is created, there is a lacking well defined promotional activities and communication program that will convey the message across. A good integrated marketing communication plan consists not just of well defined plans and goals, but rather a well conceptualized and comprehensive plan employing various communications such as general advertising, direct response as well as sales and public relation (the American association of Advertising Agencies). According to Duane Sprague, Integrated Marketing Communications is a comprehensive, consistent; goal oriented, focused and planned methodology to marketing and communication. This is in fact the newest trend in marketing communication today (Sprague, 2006).
The program identified by the Daffodil Day and the Relay for Life Program also lacks the clarity in terms of a well defined plan. There should have been a through discussion of marketing and promotion strategies that will fuel the excitement and thus make the program interesting and colorful. There isn't even a mention of pre-activities promotional strategy that will serve to aware the masses of the upcoming event. There was a failure to elaborate how the selling of the daffodils will take place and what are the strategies to help promote in advance the advantage of (Sprague, 2006). The very core of a good IMC strategy is a mission marketing program that is more or less, similar to a, goal oriented marketing scheme. Since the overall primary goal would be to increase funds by tapping all available avenues, there should be a perfect campaign which consistently interweaves a big creative idea into every communications message. This big creative idea must be a viable means to position the event, explain the key benefit, portray significance and advantage, and demonstrate the target and aim of the strategic plan. This 'big idea' should be presented and emphasized in such a way that this will hit like a lightening bolt community in general and the business community, thus making them realize the impact of their contribution as well as the impact of the program in general. Through the National Health Promotion Committee of New Zealand, health promotion, social behavioral research, cancer statistics, treatment, detection and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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